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FFVI Royal Crown Artwork

Official art from Final Fantasy VI.

An exquisitely designed crown said to have been passed down by a royal family. No one knows which royal family or in what age they lived.

Bravely Default description

The Royal Crown (ロイヤルクラウン, Roiyaru Kuraun?), also known as Regal Crown, is a recurring piece of equipment or item in the series. Aside of usually increasing the wearer's Defense and Resistance, it also raises their Magic.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit

The Royal Crown is obtained from the Legendary Smith after mastering the Evoker class. It can be equipped by the Evoker, and is exclusive to the 3D remake version. It provides 33 Defense, 36 Magic Defense, and +10 Intelligence and Mind.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

The Royal Crown is only available in the Japanese-only mobile version. It can be obtained after clearing Edward's trial three times. It has 13 defense, 15 magic defense, 10 evasion, and 19 magic evasion. It grants +5 to Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intelligence, and Spirit while granting resistance to Poison, Petrify, Silence, and Confuse. This headgear is unique to Edward.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Diadem handed down for generations.


The Royal Crown is found in the Advance and mobile/Steam versions, in the Abyssal Falls section of the Sealed Temple. It is the strongest hat, providing +13 Defense and Magic Defense, +5 Evasion, +10 Magic Evasion, +1 Speed and Magic, and +8 Weight. All classes can equip it.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Crown that can only be worn by those of royal blood.


Royal Crown (Regal Crown in the SNES version) grants +28 Defense, +1 Vigor, +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Magic, and +23 Magic Defense. It is not compatible with the Merit Award. It is found in Figaro Castle in World of Ruin, and can be equipped by Edgar and Sabin.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

The Laurel Crown is an accessory that gives Zack the No AP Cost effect. It can be acquired by clearing Mission 9-5-4 or found during Mission 9-6-2.

Royal Crown gives MAG +30 and when used in Materia Fusion, 2 of them give MAG +1 to the resulting Materia. It is obtained by completing mission 4-5-5, found as treasure in missions 2-4-2, 6-5-3, 9-5-4, obtained randomly from Magic Pot's Item Mugger Lv. 3, and stolen from Horned Devil.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

The Royal Crown item teaches a GF the ability Magic+60%. It can be mugged from Edea in the second battle against her, or modified from Edea's card using Quezacotl's Card Mod ability or refined from Hypno Crown x10 with Eden's GFAbl Med-RF ability.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

The Regal Crown boosts Magic and Magic Defense by 40, and can be bribed or stolen from Flan Blanco, bribed from Mushroom Cloud, or dropped from Shiva.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

The Laurel Crown is a special headgear obtained via the "Ballista Royale" special event. It had an enchantment that could teleport players to Ru'Lude Gardens.

There exist a number of other crowns, such as the Opo-opo Crown, which grants major stat bonuses if a player consumes a Pamama.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode ArdynEdit

A ceremonial headpiece worn only by one deemed worthy of the honor. Increases maximum MP.


Royal Crown is a hat for Ardyn Izunia obtained after clearing the episode once. After disabling all 7 Wall amplifiers, the Royal Crown can be bought from a shop on the right side of the area. It gives +50 MP.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Regal Crown doubles max MP and increases all Magic by 40. It is a reward from Class First Moogle (play for 70 hours) and a treasure found in the Tower of Agito (2nd chest).

Bravely DefaultEdit

Royal Crown is a hat that provides 12 P.DEF and 3 M.DEF. It can be found in the Florem Gardens (blue chest).

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

Royal Crown is a hat that provides 12 P.DEF and 3 M.DEF. It can be found in the Norende Ravine.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Royal Crown gives 16 Defense and 15 Magic Defense, Speed +1, Mind +2, Intelligence +2, and prevents Confuse. It is found in World of Nil (Forest).

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)Edit

The Royal Crown is a level 99 hairpin that increases Bravery by 370 and reduces HP by 307. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 15,960 gil, a Circlet, and Sky Jewel x5.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Royal Crown is a level 100 hairpin that provides -328 HP, +369 Bravery, and +100% Bravery Recovery. It can be obtained by trading 101,320 gil, Hypnocrown, Circlet, and a Huge Materia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

One of the twelve shining arms that was owned by a tyrannical king that brought his land to ruins. This brilliant crown imparts great magic powers to those who wear it, but if worn by those who lack inner strength, it instead intensifies that one's selfish desires. It is said that the king who owned this crown tightly held it, along with his head, in his arms after he was beheaded by an assassin. Only those who have shown their might to The Demonic Assassin of Judgment, Brachium, can wear this crown.

FFBE Description

A crown from a faraway world. A royal heirloom of a technologically advanced nation from a distant land, this crown is not only beautiful but also grants its wearer heightened abilities. It had been guarded for safekeeping in the depths of Figaro Castle, but with the help of some friends the twin brothers destined to inherit it managed to obtain it and put it to good use.

FFVI description

Royal Crown is a Hat obtained by completing the Chamber of Arms battle against Brachium. It provides 16 DEF, 50 MAG, 32 SPR, immunity to Confuse, and increases Limit Burst gauge fill rate by 25%.

Royal Crown (FFVI) is a Hat obtained during the Final Fantasy VI event, Figaro Castle. It provides 28 DEF, 35 SPR, and +10% HP/ATK/MAG.


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