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Ramza and Alma come under attack from the Heresy Examiners.

High seat of the Crown. At its hear towers the luxurious keep that houses the Ivalice's royal family.

The Royal City of Lesalia, also known as Lesalia Imperial Capital (王都ルザリア, Ōto Ruzaria?) is the capital of the kingdom Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics. Ramza Beoulve comes here to ask for his half-brother Zalbaag's assistance in stopping the war. Zalbaag refuses, but Ramza is reunited with his sister Alma Beoulve at the city's back gate. The two are suddenly attacked by the Heresy Examiner Zalmour Lucianada, but they manage to repel him. Ramza then agrees to let Alma accompany him to Orbonne Monastery.

Battle Edit

Lesalia Castle Postern Edit

Lesalia Castle Postern
Front view:
Back Gate of Lesalia Castle 1
Back view:
Back Gate of Lesalia Castle 3
Side view:
Back Gate of Lesalia Castle 2
Back side view:
Back Gate of Lesalia Castle 4
Overhead grid:
Back Gate of Lesalia Castle OH
Additional info This will be the only battle with Alma. After this Alma is unavailable for other battles until the last one.
One-time battle.
Conditions Defeat Zalmour
Weather Clear day
Enemy level 20 - 24 Recommended level 22 - 26
Team capacity Team 1: 2 + Ramza
Team 2: 2
Number of teams 2
Battle Trophies Ether Hidden items
Terrain Soil, Grassland, Flagstone, Tree Geomancy Sinkhole, Tanglevine, Contortion


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Salvage Expedition Ch.3 10-14 3000 Artefact
Abandoned Mine Ch.3 10-14 1000 Artefact
Frontier Expedition Ch.4 10-14 5000 Wonder
Ducal Disaster Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 15-16 6000 Payment
Young Lord Pappal Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 12-15 3000 Gil Bag
Cries in the Dark Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 8-11 3050 Payment

Dummied content Edit

The game data contains data on dummied battlefield maps, which include the Inside Castle Gate at Lesalia, Outside Castle Gate at Lesalia, and Main Street of Lesalia. These are partially finished maps and glitches occur if the player activates them via a cheating device, but are still somewhat playable. The move and effect ranges aren't being displayed properly and at certain angles, and the map will not display properly. The maps can be access via a Gameshark through the World Debug Mode.

The Main Street of Lesalia is the only map where the terrain Road can be found. Since the map cannot be accessed normally, the tile has been dummied out. The description for it states: A man-made thoroughfare. If a Geomancer stands on this tile, they will use the Sinkhole ability.

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