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The Royal Archives is the name given to the overworld area in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


It is said that within the walls of the Royal Archives are stories and memories from ages past, preserved in magic paintings known as Records. These Records, comprised of pivotal moments from the Final Fantasy series (including direct sequels and spin-offs), were created and preserved for centuries by a secret society of magic-wielding historians known as the Record Keepers. In the present day, however, a mysterious dark power has attacked the Archives and clouded the Records within, corrupting the stories they tell and trapping their heroes within. Now, it's up to veteran Keeper Dr. Mog, his student Tyro, and his lab assistant Cid to dive into the corrupted Records, relive their stories, and rescue the heroes that fought the battles.


The Royal Archives home screen.

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An archive is a physical or virtual repository, created to collect, store, and preserve creative works of past eras in their original, unaltered states. The term is also used to describe a collection of materials that contains an expansive body of knowledge.