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Rowen is a mostly absent character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of Hess' Eight Sages, who fought on Paladian civil war for the independence of Hess. He is the son of Yuraisha, also known as the "Mother of Hess", Raegen's adoptive brother, and the biological father of Lasswell.



Rowen has black hair and blue eyes and black and blue armor.


Not much of Rowen's personality is explored as he appears briefly in flashbacks. He is warm and friendly with Raegen and supportive of his mother, taking his duties as a Sage seriously. Despite being a Sage saw the bigger picture and allowed himself to be sealed, trusting this would end the war. He was a devoted family man who preferred them over regaining his past.


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Rowen was born to Yuraisha and trained in the ways of battle since he was young alongside Raegen, his adopted brother. The two had a friendly rivalry akin to that of Rain and Lasswell. They battled hundreds of times and were evenly matched.

When Dark Fina wanted to join the Hess, Rowen was concerned as he didn't fully trust her. Yuraisha explained her background, and how she was under her wing in the past.

When the war between Aldore and Hess broke out, Rowen was loyal to her mother, but Raegen led the Sworn Eight of Paladia, making them enemies, although wanted an end to the war. Raegen explained his plan to seal the Sages in Crystal to make the Sworn Eight the leveraging power to force peaceful negotiations. Rowen agreed but requested a final duel with Raegen with Purple Lightning as a wager. Raegen gained the upper hand with his newly created Mirror of Equity, and although Raegen suspected Rowen allowed himself to be defeated, he didn't deny it and was soon sealed into Crystal.

The plan failed as a result of Vlad's treacherous machinations which sent the entire battlefield into the world of Lapis. Raegen spent centuries trying to find his friend before unsealing him. Rowen had amnesia and had forgotten how to fight. Raegen explained who he is, but was unable to make him remember much.

Rowen spent his days as a farmer in Grandshelt where Raegen joined as a knight to find clues about the Sacred Vessel of Paladia, an artifact that would help restore Rowen's memories. Raegen found the artifact but Rowen broke it as he was happy with his current life on the farm with his wife and son. Raegen respected his decision and the two remained good friends.

On a fateful day a pack of monsters attacked the farm with Raegen rushing to Rowen's aid. Raegen slayed the monsters, but the farmers were injured and Rowen sustained fatal injuries. The dying Rowen regained his memories and requested Raegen to watch after Lasswell and gift him the Purple Lightning he "won" in the wager several years ago. Raegen agreed and Rowen passed away. Not soon after, Lasswell's mother died of sickness and Raegen adopted Lasswell as his son, the same way Yuraisha had with Raegen centuries ago.

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