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Rowan Rasberry is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is the father of Jessie Rasberry and a maintenance supervisor in the Shinra Electric Power Company, living with his wife in the Sector 7 employee housing district of Midgar.


A portrait of the Rasberry family.

Rowan and his wife had Jessie in 1984.[note 1] He worked as a Chief Maintenance Engineer in one of Midgar's eight mako reactors[1] and has been supportive of his daughter and her acting career. The day before Jessie's opening night as a lead at the Gold Saucer, he collapsed from overwork and fell ill to mako poisoning after his unconscious body laid beside mako storage for half a day.[2] The incident drove Jessie to depart from her stage career and join Avalanche in hopes of finding a way to help him. In his comatose state, he remains in his wife's house.[3]

A comatose Rowan.

Jessie, Biggs, Wedge, and Cloud stopped by Jessie's house in route to the S7-6 Annex. While the others caught up with Jessie's mother, a somewhat remorseful Cloud snuck into a comatose Rowan's room and retrieved his Shinra identification card.[3] Outside, Biggs and Wedge stated that Jessie studied planetology after her father's incident and theorized his spirit is suspended between his body and the heart of the planet, which is her motive for disabling the mako reactors.[2] After Jessie successfully stole the weaker blasting agent at the S7-6 Annex, the group returned to the Sector 7 slums via parachutes secured by Rowan.[4]

Rowan was presumably in Sector 7 when the plate collapsed in "Fight for Survival".



Rowan is a middle-aged man with an average build, fair skin, short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Presently, his overall appearance is sickly and unkempt due to mako poisoning. He wears a light blue-gray tee shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes.


Rowan's Shinra ID card.

Little is known about Rowan's personality, because he is only seen in a comatose state. According to photos found around his house and his occupation, he seems to be a loving, supportive, and hard-working family man.[3]


Rowan's skills as an engineer led to him becoming a Chief Maintenance Engineer for Shinra.[1] Jessie likely inherited his tinkering skills.



  1. Jessie's age is listed as 23 as of the events of Final Fantasy VII in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania.[2] Since the bombing of Mako Reactor 1 occurs in December of 0007, this would make 1984 her date of birth.