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Roundrox Mazenot is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV, a female goblin who loves to collect junk. Introduced in Patch 3.01, she is a key character in Alexander quest line.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Three years prior, Roundrox witnessed the first attempted activation of Alexander, and found a shiny trinket nearby.

During the present day, Alexander is activated again, this time with Cid, Y'shtola, and most goblins of Idyllshire to see it. When the Warrior of Light becomes involved, the shiny object Roundrox found becomes useful in deciphering the Illuminati's coded transmissions.

As the mecha is investigated, Roundrox strikes up a friendship with Mide, who shares passion for junk and technology. After defeating the Manipulator inside the Gordias sector, it is revealed the Illuminati secretly raided Idyllshire in search of something, including most of Roundrox's treasure. The junk is later found discarded by the Illuminati, as it did not contain what they were looking for. The Warrior of Light and their allies realize the strange glowing object might have been their target after all, having been installed in a decoder instead. It is revealed that this trinket is actually the final missing piece of the Enigma Codex, a relic needed to fully activate and control Alexander.

Roundrox decides to entrust her Enigma Codex piece to Mide for safe keeping. However, she is shortly thereafter captured by the Illuminati. As the only known person who is currently able to activate the Enigma Codex, she is key to the Illuminati's plans to control Alexander. The Warrior of Light, Mide, Biggs and Wedge attempt to rescue her, but not only are they unsuccessful, they also end up losing their piece of the Enigma Codex to the Illuminati's leader, Quickthinx Allthoughts.

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Roundrox is a young Goblin with an inquisitive mind. She has a passion for collecting random trinkets and bits of old technology, which she refers to as her treasures.