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Trophy: Sewer Survivor
Complete "Rough Waters". Bronze

Falling through Corneo's trapdoor, Cloud and the others find themselves in the sewers below Sector 6. If the plan to bring down the plate is true, then the Sector 7 slums are in grave danger. Scared and shaken, the party sets out into the underground sewer system.


Rough Waters is the tenth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises events when Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart travel through the sewer system to return to the Sector 7 slums.

Completing the chapter unlocks the bronze trophy Sewer Survivor.


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At the Shinra Electric Power Company, President Shinra inquires if the plan is on schedule. Heidegger, the head of Shinra's military, answers that the Turks are on it and that there will be no delays. Director Reeve Tuesti, the head of Urban Development, asks the president to reconsider since the Sector 7 undercity is home to more 50,000 people, and suggests issuing a warning. Heidegger calls Reeve a coward as the president says that progress requires sacrifice.

The group has fallen into the sewers.

In the sewers underneath Wall Market, Cloud wakes up and finds Aerith and Tifa unconscious. He is overpowered by the stench and wakes the others. If Cloud wakes up Aerith, she urges them to head to Sector 7 as Tifa wakes up as well, calling Don Corneo a bastard. If Cloud wakes up Tifa, she says they must get back to the Sector 7 slums right away, while also wishing they didn't have to drag Aerith into their problems. She asks how Cloud and Aerith met, with Cloud saying they both saved each other. Tifa wonders if there is more just as Aerith awakes, upset they fell into the sewers. A growl sounds, the monster Abzu emerging from a hole. The group defeats it, with Abzu crashing though a wall to leave, opening up a passageway.

Aerith wonders if Abzu lives down here, with Cloud thinking it was Corneo's pet who was going to eat them for dinner. Tifa asks if Cloud and Aerith believe the story Corneo told them, about how Shinra is going to sacrifice a plate and kill a lot of people just to wipe out Avalanche. Cloud doesn't trust Corneo, but Aerith thinks they should hurry to Sector 7 to help out, and if they find the story is not true, then everything will still be fine.

The sewer system.

The group follows the passageway that Abzu opened. It is part of the tunnels that connect Sectors 6 and 7. Avalanche used to use these tunnels to move around, Tifa telling the group to head to a big waterway. The group drains some water to cross a canal and finds an area out of power and turns on a generator. They use the power to drain some more canals and find a key used to open a door to the waterway.

Tifa says that Sector 7 is just on the other side of the waterway where they can start to find a way back to the surface. She sees a passage on the other side and the group can use the water gates to make a path. After some puzzle-solving and monster-slaying Cloud creates a path across with floating planks. As Cloud is crossing, Tifa—still nervous over Corneo's words—asks Aerith what she is hiding. Cloud tells the two to get going, but just as Aerith is about to reach the other side, the planks begin to sink. Tifa saves her before she falls into the sewer waters.

Cloud falls from the collapsing bridge.

The group finds themselves on a path that leads to Sector 7. Before crossing a bridge, Aerith tells Tifa that the future is not set in stone. Tifa agrees, as Aerith tells her to think of something fun. After saving Sector 7, Tifa wants to go shopping for stuff for her bar with Aerith while Cloud carries their things. Cloud asks what they're talking about, realizing he was mentioned, but the ladies brush it off. The bridge collapses as they cross and Cloud makes a run for it. Tifa and Aerith make it across and tell Cloud to grab onto Aerith's staff. Cloud manages to grab onto it and the others pull him up. Cloud apologizes for almost falling as the group enters the tunnel passage on the other side of the waterway.

As the group traverses the tunnel, they find a blue materia on the other side of a trellis, so they take a detour to pick it up. The group continues on the right path and finds the ladder that leads to out, but the route to it is covered in sewer waters. They enter a control room that can drain the canal by activating the pump. When Cloud activates it, a red light comes on, indicating the pump is blocked. Tifa used to fix blockages back at her bar, and tells Aerith to come with her to the pump while Cloud stays in the control room. They find the pump, Tifa realizing it is more industrial than she is used to, and tells Aerith to open up the valve while she pumps. After the pump is pumped up, she tells Aerith to close the valve when the timing is right. After doing this three times, they return to the control room, with Aerith activating the pump. The sewer waters blocking the road drain as the group praises each other.

Cloud and Tifa team up against the sahagins while Aerith climbs the ladder leading out first.

On the way to the ladder up to the surface, the group fights off some sahagins and blugus. Cloud reaches the ladder, but more sahagins show up. Aerith argues that they are "not delicious" as Cloud and Tifa tell her to climb the ladder first. Cloud and Tifa defeat more sahagins, with Cloud telling Tifa to join Aerith. Cloud tells the sahagins to back off or die as he defeats a couple more before hurrying up the ladder to join with Tifa and Aerith, who tell him to come quickly.
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Main Scenario[]

The first quest is a boss battle against Abzu. All remaining quests involve navigating through the sewer system with small battles along the way. At the end in "To the Surface", a series of more challenging combat encounters close the chapter.


A single discovery quest involves obtaining Warding Materia Warding Materia.