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Rouge (ルージュ, Ruuju?) is a character from Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. She is the scantily clad captain of the sky pirates, with a love for all things shiny and expensive.



Rouge has long red hair, tied up in a ponytail and styled into a fringe in the front and gray eyes. Her outfit leaves little to the imagination. She wears a black leather two-piece uniform not unlike her pirate comrades, although with a large white bow on her back and a similar bow around her neck as a tie.


Terrible as a pirate, Rouge jumps on any opportunity to make money, and absolutely loves anything that holds any value. This even leads her to do things she normally wouldn't, becoming a reluctant protagonist as the story progresses. She's not terribly smart and slightly self-centered, with a fondness for torture.


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Rouge makes her first appearance.

Rouge first appears midway through Episode 1. Linaly and Prettz head for the Temple of the Wind alone after Hassam falls ill. While making their way through a field, Rouge's airship emerges from below and opens fire on the two. She announces to Prettz that she wants him to hand over the motorbike, as recently her attempts at piracy have failed and she's in desperate need of money. Prettz and Linaly escape, with the pirates in pursuit. Realizing he won't be able to outrun them, Prettz jumps his bike over the airship and drops a grenade onto the deck, blowing up in Rouge's face and giving Prettz a chance to escape. She vows to get revenge on him as he drives off.

Prettz hijacks the pirate ship.

Later, when Prettz is trying to find a way into the Temple of the Wind, he returns to Rouge and hijacks the ship, holding Rouge hostage as he guides the pilot to the Temple. It's here that Rouge gets the idea of stealing the Wind Crystal in hopes of making money off it. She heads off, biding her time while secretly listening in on Prettz and Linaly for the best time to strike. This opportunity comes when Prettz faces off with Valkus, so Rouge drops a net on the heroes and carries them off to "Rouge Island". Here, she tortures the three in an attempt at finding out where they put the Crystal, which she doesn't realize is sealed inside Linaly. Rouge throws the three in jail.

The pirates stand before Prettz.

After overhearing a conversation that the Crystal is in fact inside Linaly, Rouge takes her away and attempts to force the Wind Crystal out of her. Prettz and Valkus take the chance to escape and rescue Linaly. However, before they can reach the exit, Rouge and her pirates stop them dead in their tracks. At first Valkus attempts to disarm the situation, harboring secret feelings for Rouge, but Ra Devil's army attacks in search of the Wind Crystal. Prettz gets the others to escape while he lures the robotic soldiers into Rouge's hideout, where he then sets off explosives and destroys the entire island. Rouge is left without a home and in custody of the Iron Wings of Tycoon.

Rouge falsely vows to stop Ra Devil.

Lamenting her arrest, Rouge is brought before Queen Lenna along with the other heroes. They are told of the threat that the missing Crystals foreshadow, and are tasked with stopping Ra Devil from using the Crystals to become the God of oblivion Deathgyunos. At first, Rouge is uninterested by the plight, but after being offered a large sum of gold by the Queen, she excitedly agrees, pretending that she sincerely wants to stop Ra Devil.

The pirates are shocked to learn Planet R is round.

Ra Devil's army catches up to the heroes and launch an attack on Tycoon in hopes of retrieving the Crystal from inside Linaly. Rouge and the sky pirates aid in defending the castle, but in the turmoil, Linaly is captured and brought to the Black Moon to begin preparations for Deathgyunos' rebirth. Rouge and the heroes head to the Black Moon where they face off with Deathgyunos. When Rouge is injured, Valkus proves his romantic feelings by going into a rage-induced frenzy and defeating the enemies. Soon enough, Deathgyunos falls before the Iron Wings. While Prettz searches for Linaly, Rouge stays back to repair the ship, and flirts with Valkus before she heads off. But Deathgyunos is still alive and rises from the rubble to launch another attack.

Rouge once again a successful pirate.

Rouge and the heroes fight back against him, but Rouge is knocked down by a powerful laser, and Prettz and Valkus soon follow. Linaly and Prettz combine their forces and together they defeat Deathgyunos and Ra Devil once and for all. The heroes return home to restore the Crystals before parting ways. In the ending, Rouge is shown to have returned to being a successful pirate with the help of Valkus, and the two fly off together in search of more riches.

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Rouge is voiced by Fumi Hirano in the Japanese version, and by Kate T. Vogt in the English.



Rouge is French for "red".