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Rostik after saving Mikoto

Rostik Liubasch is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is featured in the Gunbreaker questline and later appears in the "Save the Queen" story.

Rostik is a key figure of the Bozjan Resistance. He taught the art of the Gunbreaker to countless pupils, among them the high-ranking Resistance officer Marsak and Thancred, the Scion who he met through a curious twist of fate.


Early life[]

When the Garlean Empire marched mercilessly and inexorably on the scattered small countries in the southern reaches of Ilsabard. Fearing for his son's safety, Rostik's father entrusted the child to his elderly master before departing for the front lines, from which he would never return. Though hailed as a hero by his people, the man's bravery was ultimately in vain, and once-proud Bozja fell under the imperial yoke. The young Rostik vowed that he would one day be strong enough to defend his beloved homeland, and devoted himself to training as a gunbreaker under the selfsame master who once taught his father, eventually being conscripted by the imperial army. While he was serving the Empire, the Bozja incident occurred, and his beloved homeland was razed to nothingness.

After the fall of the citadel, Rostik awaited his chance and fled the army. For a time, he fought like a beast thirsting for vengeance, launching reckless strikes against imperial forces from seemingly every direction. Yet there was a limit to what one gunbreaker─no matter how skilled─could do against an entire army. One day, Rostik was ambushed by an imperial regiment, and suffering grave wounds, was left to die alone deep in the forest. In a turn of good fortune, before succumbing to his wounds, he was discovered by Bajsaljen, who had seen the gunbreaker fall in battle against their common foe, and took him in, tending to his injuries. Persuaded by the cerebral Resistance leader to abandon his rage-driven quest for revenge, Rostik now fights to protect his countrymen, imparting his impressive skills to a new generation of gunbreakers as a mentor to his subordinates.[1]

Sometime during his travels in imperial territory he taught Thancred how to use the gunblade as well as Marsak.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Rostik meeting Radovan once again.

Rostik traveled to Gridania in search of his friend Radovan and meets Mother Miounne who explains the assignment she gave him, and suddenly leaves in search of the clients. Once he found the singer Editha and Lassenchou, they tell him that he traveled to Ul'dah. He travels to Ul'dah meeting the other client Gerrart who tells him he left, and leaves for the airship landing to Limsa Lominsa. After finding nothing in Limsa either, Rostik heads to Ishgard where he meets Reese who suggests Cato Mammula, and where to find him. Once there Rostik asks for Cato to assist in rebuilding Bozja with him only to be stopped by Radovan, Sophie and the Warrior of Light. Rostik tells the group he means no harm to the engineer and plans to seek out Bozjan survivors and rebuild their home, asking Radovan if he will join him in this endeavor. Radovan declines, stating he won't turn his back on another family member, and Rostik chuckles claiming he reminds him of Thancred. Rostik takes his leave and bids the group farewell.

Rostik saving Mikoto from harm.

Rostik travels to the Bozjan Southern Front where the Bozjan Resistance is fighting the IVth imperial legion underground. As a magitek Gabriel rushes Mikoto, Rostik parries the blow and saves her. Here he fends off imperial infantry while the Warrior of Light and Mikoto pursue Misija further in the ruins. Following her defeat, Rostik attempts to destroy the blade Save the Queen, but fails in doing so. Instead he offers it to Mikoto to study or keep locked away from enemy hands. Amidst their discussion however, Bwagi notices a fleet of imperial airships move in on the southern front, causing the main forces of the resistance to retreat back to Gangos.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Rostik led Bozja and Dalmasca's forces in the Ilsabard contigent, a joint operation between nations across the world to enter Garlemald and fight the Telophoroi.



Rostik is a Helion Hrothgar with light blonde colored hair and dark brown fur, he has a few scars along his face as well as yellow eyes. He wears the bodyguard's attire dyed loam brown, and wields the weathered lion heart in battle.


Rostik is considered to be wise and honorable by his friend Radovan, and is seen as protecting when he shielded Mikoto from a deadly attack. Before the events of the game, Bajsaljen and Radovan described him as a lone wolf bent on revenge against the Empire.


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