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Roshana Province.

Roshana Province (ローシャナ州, Rōshana Shū?) is a Concordian region in Final Fantasy Type-0, located in the east of Orience. It becomes available in chapter 7 when the player can do Expert Trials in the region.

Locations Edit

This province links Eibon Region and Rilochy Province and is otherwise surrounded by water. Due to the typical eastern climate, rain is a daily trait of Roshana Province.

Roshana Edit

Roshana is a city located on a rise of terrain on the southwestern tip of the province.

Rama Edit

Rama is a city located at the northern end of the province.

Quests Edit

Missions Edit


Operation Dragon Slayer.

During Operation Dragon Slayer, Rilochy serves as battlefield, with Roshana and Rama being initial domains of the kingdom.

Tasks Edit

Items Edit


Tenebra's Crystal location.

Enemies Edit

The enemies in this area are between levels 34-56.

Plains Edit


Malboro outside Roshana.

There is also a LV 50 Malboro on the world map near the town of Roshana. Killing it yields Dark Matter needed to fulfill a task for Mutsuki.

Forests Edit

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