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Roshana on the world map.

Good day to you, and welcome to the town of Roshana. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.

Kingdom Citizen

Roshana (ローシャナ, Rōshana?) is the main city of Roshana Province in Final Fantasy Type-0 and located in the south of Mahamayuri, the capital of the Kingdom of Concordia. It can first be visited in chapter 7 during an Expert Trial.


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The region of Roshana came to be governed by the Kingdom of Dracobaltia after the Dracobaltians first gained the power to command monsters from the Blue Dragon Crystal, but when the kingdom attempted to expand westward to the Dominion of Rubrum territory in the Rubrumite-Dracobaltian War of 251, the royal forces were disorganized and sent fleeing, establishing Roshana as the border between the nations.

After the dominion victory in the Battle of Judecca in 842 and the subsequent success in the Clash on Big Bridge, the dominion legions launched a full-scale attack on Concordia after its new king allies with the Militesi Empire to invade Rubrum. The Rubrum Army reaches the provincial capital of Roshana when the Concordian dracoknights launch a counteroffensive nearly annihilating the dominion legions.

Dominion Central Command had underestimated the opposition, and with no legionaries left in reserve, are forced to retreat from Roshana. The legions evacuate under the protection of Class Zero and the dominion front line falls back to the Concordian border, all of Rubrum's progress undone.

Although forced to retreat, the dominion legions refuse to give in. Initiating Operation Dragon Slayer, Rubrum's army regroups on the kingdom-dominion border and launches assault anew. The kingdom deploys its dragon squadrons and the legions struggle against the wyverns, but ultimately push them back with magic and military might. The dominion absorbs Roshana into its territory, but the legionaries that occupy the town are low on supplies and feel abandoned by the Central Command. The Roshanians accept their conquerors timidly, and even welcome them to their city, hoping the war would soon end.

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In the Expert Trial The Retreat from Roshana, Class Zero is to aid the dominion forces currently battling in Roshana with retreating as they are being overwhelmed by the kingdom's forces.


Oh, cadets! Boy, am I glad to see you. You see, we're dangerously low on supplies, but we can't get our hands on the new shipment with all these monsters running around. The military has deserted us, and there are too many mandragoras for us to handle alone. If we don't get our hands on some food and Potions soon, some folks might die. Can you lend us a hand?


Subaru in Roshana asks the Class Zero cadets to kill 15 Mandragoras in the task Do unto Others. Fulfilling the task earns a Gold Anklet.

Augusta's Crystal[]

After completing the task to fell the Mandragoras, the player should speak with the Dominion Quaestor near the ramp underneath Subaru, who asks for the cadets to deliver a message to a dominion legionary. Near the ramp on the right side the player can ask this legionary to move to find the l'Cie Augusta's Crystal glimmering on the spot where he stood.


Greetings. Might I be able to interest you in some Concordian wares?

Kingdom Citizen

The merchant in Roshana sells equipment. The weapons boost the wearers Attack Power by 14-16 points and the accessory grants +50% MP.

Item Price
Draconic Deck 2400 gil
Wyvern Whistle 2400 gil
Elfin Bow 2400 gil
Draconic Pistol 2400 gil
Ogre Hammer 2400 gil
Wyvern Fang 2400 gil
Wyvern Tail 2400 gil
Boxing Gloves 2400 gil
Wyvern Horn 2400 gil
Dragonslayer 2400 gil
Ancient Blade 2400 gil
Double Dragons 2400 gil
Ryujin Rapiers 2400 gil
Parrying Daggers 2400 gil
Draconic Ring 5000 gil


Augusta Crystal location.


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