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Roses of May is a Lost Chapter where Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player. It was released twice as a limited-run event, including its debut as a Global first-year exclusive.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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The Princess's Guard:
  • Edgar: Heh... Even more beautiful today...
  • Setzer: Quite right...beautiful enough to fly away with.
  • Steiner: Graaagh! Do not harass Her Highness with your sleazy solicitations!

(Steiner arrives)

  • Steiner: Wheeze... Blast it! A stubborn bunch you are!
  • Edgar: You're far too riled up, Steiner. We were merely exchanging pleasantries.
  • Garnet: Yes, you worry too much.
  • Steiner: No, I think I do not!
  • Steiner: It is one of a knight's finest responsibilities to protect the princess from indecent temptations!
  • Setzer: "Indecent"? Tell us how you really feel...
  • Steiner: Hrmmm, this world has more philanderers than I can bear!
  • Steiner: ...What would Beatrix do in a time like this...?
  • Edgar: Beatrix? Who might this be?
  • Steiner: Like myself, a knight in service to the royal family of Alexandria.
  • Steiner: If she were here, too, how my anxieties would be lessened...
  • Garnet: But...if she did come to this world, I wonder...if she would defend us...
  • Edgar: Isn't this person a knight in your service? Why should that be in question?
  • Garnet: We were for a time enemies with her...
  • Steiner: ...Beatrix acted according to Her Highness's mother the Queen's wishes while Her Majesty was not of sound mind...
  • Setzer: ...I see. Depending on her memories, there's a chance she'd be turning her sword on us...
  • Edgar: A fault of fealty, eh? Things are never simple for royalty.
  • Steiner: There is no doubting her skill, though. In our world, she was the finest swordmaster on the continent.
  • Steiner: If in this world she were being used by villains, why...
  • Garnet: I know well the strength of her loyalty.
  • Garnet: I have faith she wouldn't allow herself to be used that way...
Hundred-Knight Killer Beatrix:
  • ???: Hah, how unwise...
  • ???: I once killed a hundred knights single-handedly. You're hardly a threat!
  • ???: ...Raaagh!

(Beatrix goes into battle)

  • ???: Isn't there anyone who is worthy of facing me in this world?

(The Onion Knight and Bartz arrive)

  • Onion Knight: Are you alright!?
  • Bartz: ...Huh? Where're the monsters?

(Steiner and Garnet arrive)

  • Steiner: Wha-wha—? Could it be!?
  • Garnet: Beatrix!
  • Beatrix: Your Highness! And Steiner!
  • Beatrix: Your Highness, it is good to see you safe. I beg your pardon for having left your side.
  • Garnet: I am glad to see you well, too.
  • Steiner: You need not fear, for the princess has been in my care!
  • Beatrix: Haha... As stalwart as ever, Steiner.
  • Onion Knight: It doesn't look like you need to worry about her attacking us.
  • Beatrix: Attack Her Highness? Why would I do such a thing?
  • Bartz: We heard you were enemies before, so we were a little unsure.
  • Beatrix: Is that so...? I suppose that could be.
  • Beatrix: Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Beatrix, a servant of the Kingdom of Alexandria.
  • Beatrix: I was summoned here by a god, but upon learning Princess Garnet was here as well—
  • Beatrix: —I made all haste to reunite with her. I am so relieved to have found you...
  • Garnet: Beatrix...
  • Bartz: ...So, uh, what happened to those monsters?
  • Steiner: Erm, I do not think it bears asking.
  • Onion Knight: Did you beat all of them by yourself!?
  • Beatrix: Heh, exterminating such beasts couldn't have been simpler.
  • Steiner: What did I tell you? The continent's finest!
  • Beatrix: Even should this be some other world, it is my duty to defend the princess.
  • Beatrix: My allegiance to you is as ever—no, greater than ever before.
  • Steiner: Well said! Here is a true and honorable knight of Alexandria!
  • Steiner: Let us do all in our power to keep Her Highness from harm!
  • Garnet: Thank you, both of you... I am ever in your care.
  • Beatrix: Yes, Your Highness!
Roses of May:
  • Beatrix: Out of my way...
  • Beatrix: Hah!

(Beatrix defeats the Red Dragon with Thunder Slash)

  • Sabin: Talk about skill! Man, am I impressed.
  • Edgar: Indeed. She is as lovely as a rose itself...
  • Edgar: But her swordsmanship is second to none in this world.
  • Steiner: Hear, hear! Go on!
  • Zidane: ...What're you so pleased about?
  • Zidane: Beatrix beat us black and blue before, too.
  • Vivi: Y-yeah... She was really strong.
  • Vanille: Oh, yeah. You guys were enemies before.
  • Beatrix: About that...
  • Vanille: Ah! I'm sorry! I stepped in it, huh?
  • Zidane: All water under the bridge. She had her own business to deal with.
  • Beatrix: I wonder if it's fair to sum that up as simply business.
  • Beatrix: Even to say it was under orders, my deeds cannot be undone...
  • Sabin: I don't know what happened, but it sounds like you regret it.
  • Edgar: Your actions were out of loyalty to your country, no?
  • Sabin: And you've since repented and are helping out Zidane and the others, right?
  • Beatrix: I took the lives of many, many people...
  • Beatrix: No matter how I repent, it won't bring them back.
  • Steiner: ...It is as she says.
  • Vivi: M-Mister...
  • Steiner: Her past sins will not disappear...
  • Steiner: But she can atone for them.
  • Steiner: I've made many comrades in this world... They've all had their own troubles, and they've conquered them.
  • Steiner: There is nothing they can do that Beatrix cannot!
  • Beatrix: Steiner...
  • Beatrix: Th-thank you.
  • Vanille: Right. And yesterday's enemy is today's friend and all that.
  • Vanille: You've already been a big help to us! Thanks, Beatrix!
  • Beatrix: I should be the one to thank you, for here I can lend you my strength without being ordered to.
  • Sabin: Feel free to keep doing so!
  • Beatrix: You can trust in me. I shall defend Her Highness and my comrades unto death.
  • Beatrix: Save the Queen and I swear it!
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Roses of May Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Roses of May Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Roses of May Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Roses of May Pt. 4[edit | edit source]

Roses of May Pt. 5[edit | edit source]

Roses of May Co-op[edit | edit source]

Roses of May EX[edit | edit source]

Roses of May COSMOS[edit | edit source]

Roses of May CHAOS[edit | edit source]

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • "Protecting My Devotion" (Beatrix and Steiner's Theme) is used as the field theme.
  • "Battle" plays during normal waves.
  • "Boss Battle" plays during boss waves.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Roses of May was the first character event released for the Global version before the Japanese version. Beatrix was announced as a Global-first character to celebrate the game's first anniversary. Her event was rerun to showcase her gameplay adjustments from the Japanese version.
    • The event's Japanese release date marks one day after the 19th anniversary of Final Fantasy IX.
  • Due to staggered scheduling, Roses of May became the second Lost Chapter to boost two different characters. At the time of issue in Japan, Vayne was a featured character for Burst Mode, whereas Cloud was featured when the Global version added the Lost Chapter.
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