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Rosencrantz: I will not yield so easily next we meet!
Ashley: You are a poor loser, Rosencrantz.
Rosencrantz: Say what you will!
Ashley's words after Rosencrantz begs him to yield.

Rosencrantz is a boss from Vagrant Story. He is fought after the cutscene involving him and Romeo Guildenstern.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Rosencrantz uses a fair share of Sword Break Arts, such as Rending Gale and Vile Scar. However, he will switch to normal attacks once his HP is halved. He has high resistance to all elemental magic and chain abilities.

Strategy Edit

Equip weapons that work against Humans to cut this battle short. Casting Aqua Ward and Shadow Guard will protect against Cherry Ronde and Papillon Reel.

Music Edit

His own theme, "Rosencrantz," plays during this boss battle.

Etym Edit

Rosencrantz is a minor character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet whose role is expanded in Tom Stoppard's absurdist play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

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