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Rorrik is a character from World of Final Fantasy who serves as the father of Lann and Reynn and as the husband of Lusse.



Rorrik appears as a middle-aged man with brown hair and sporting a beard. He wears a gray long-sleeved shirt while wearing a yellow scarf tied around his neck. He wears white pants with gold buttons by the pocket and he wears light-brown loafers. He also wears a watch on his left wrist.


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Who's Who[]

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Age: 42
(In flashbacks)
Notes: Lann and Reynn's father / Lusse's public and private pillar of support / Glasses / Kind father who tried to rein his children in / Married into the Farna family
Rorrik's Past
An unsung source of support to Lusse Farna during her life. Rorrik remained out of public view, knowing that the queen was the ruler her people needed to look to. However, many of the miracles she made happen would not have been possible without Rorrik's help. For example, the crystal knives, or "widgets," used to control Mirages were his invention.
Rorrik made it a point to keep his work shrouded in utmost secrecy, even from his children (or perhaps because they were his children). As a result, they arguably had less respect for him than their famous mother. Rorrik loved them too much to resent it, but his attempts to rein them in and discipline them rarely worked. Being a father was something he struggled with greatly.
The Power of Architects
Rorrik was an "Architect." (This is not to be confused with the civic rank system established by Segwarides, a lie inspired by Rorrik's powers.) Under the right set of conditions, Architects have the superhuman ability to create matter from nothing. Their creations make the imaginary real and defy the laws of nature—which puts Rorrik's powers, like Lusse's, on the same level as a god's.
The artificial Nine Wood Hills in which Reynn and Lann slumbered was also of Rorrik's construction. However, Lusse's power was required to establish it as an actual world.
Together, the two of them had the power to create worlds, power history had never before seen. With the Farnas ruling Grymoire form on high, their contemporaries must have been convinced that their golden age of peace had begun.
Rorrik's Eyes
You may have noted that, despite the deific power coursing through him, Rorrik did not manifest that power on his body, as with the sigils on Lusse's arms. The reason for this is because his power came not from the hands, but from the mind. His sigil would have been on his brain, and while we never witnessed it during this story, his eyes transformed into something other than human whenever he used his abilities. Continued use of his skills caused his human eyesight to deteriorate terribly, to the point where he could not see at all without magical intervention.
Rorrik's glasses are something he made with Lusse, and they allowed him to see past any illusion. Is it possible Lann's imagination and abstract way of thinking are actually some sort of fail-safe to keep his abilities as an Architect in check? (Yes, that's a serious question.)
First World of Origin:


Prior to the events of World of Final Fantasy, Rorrik was the father to Lann and Reynn and assisted Lusse with controlling the Mirages. Following the twins summoning Brandelis into their plane of existence, Rorrik's body was taken as a vessel by the spirit of the Exnine Knight, Segwarides.

Following Segwarides's defeat at the hands of the twins, he reverts back into Rorrik's form and renders Rorrik unconscious.

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