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The Ronso Fangs (ロンゾ・ファング, Ronzo Fangu?) are a blitzball team representing the Ronso race.

The most marked difference between Ronso and other teams is their SP (movement speed); while the great majority of players have 60 SP, Ronso players all begin with 40 SP and this stat never rises above 43. In Final Fantasy X-2, two additional Ronso players are available, with SP 60.

Their game tactics succeed by relying on brawn; they have higher HP and EN (endurance) than most teams, making it difficult to Tackle them successfully. Their passing game is poor, but their defense can seem daunting with their fairly high AT (attack) and debilitating Wither Tackle 2 in early game. Players can pass between fielders to draw the defenders out from the goal and then go in to shoot while the defenders are too slow and unable to intercept. They can be found in Luca at Dock 4, with the exception of Zev Ronso at dock 5.

Their comments on the events on Mt. Gagazet are stoical.

Known playersEdit

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