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The Ronfaure Front is a theater of the Crystal War in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. It covers the temperate territory of northwest Quon that lies in the shadow of the frozen Northlands. It shelters the Kingdom of San d'Oria as its people endure the incursion of the Orcish Hosts.

The front contains San d'Oria itself as well as a small portion of modern-day Ronfaure.


Southern San d'Oria[]


Southern San d'Oria is the Kingdom's bulwark against Orcish invaders. Having suffered brutal defeats early in the war, the Royal Army concentrated its efforts on fortifying this district to repel future assaults. The northern sections of the city, including Chateau d'Oraguille, are safely sealed behind these new battlements.

East Ronfaure[]


East Ronfaure is a woodland lying southeast of San d'Oria and northwest of Jugner Forest. Though its verdant landscape has been scorched by the Orcs, it remains lush compared to the frigid glacier beyond its northeast border. The tunnel to the Northlands is inaccessible during the war, however, as are West Ronfaure and the Orc-infested Ghelsba Outpost. A shortcut through King Ranperre's Tomb in the south is used to reach Jugner Forest but exploration of the Dragon King's resting place is not permitted.

A Cavernous Maw connects Ronfaure to itself twenty years in the future.

The Royal Army dedicates its Aragoneu Knights to the defense of this area. They are commanded by Cerane I Virgaut, an Elvaan paladin. She bears the legendary Aegis into battle and blocks incoming attacks with remarkable frequency. In spite of her unit's name, Cerane and her subordinates are never deployed to operations on the Aragoneu Front.

In turn, the Orcish Hosts assigned the brawler Poisonhand Gnadgad and the Dismemberment Brigade to seize control of this area.

Musical themes[]


"The Kingdom of San d'Oria" plays in most zones of Southern San d'Oria, except for Chateau d'Oraguille, where "Chateau d'Oraguille" plays instead. "Ronfaure" plays in East Ronfaure.