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Romaa Mihgo (ロマー・ミーゴ, Romā Mīgo?) is is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XI. The mother of Nanaa Mihgo, she was previously both chieftainess of Kazham and Windurst's Cobra Mercenary Major during the Crystal War.

Though she is retired in her village in present day Vana'diel, she is a major character in the Windurst branch of the Wings of the Goddess storyline. Players who ally with Windurst in Campaign are part of her Cobra Unit Mercenaries, and she herself will present new medals to those who distinguish themselves. As major, is a tough yet motherly commander, often worrying about the welfare of her soldiers, and frequently works with fellow Mercenary Major Perih Vashai of the Anaconda Unit.


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Type NPC
FFXI romaa.jpg
Location Kazham (H-11)
Involved in Missions Windurst Mission 7-2: Awakening of the Gods
Involved in Quests

Tuning Out
Everyone's Grudging

Type NPC
FFXI romaaS.jpg
Location Windurst Waters (S) (G-11)
Involved in Missions WOTG02: Back to the Beginning
WOTG14: A Nation on the Brink
WOTG15: Crossroads of Time
Involved in Quests

The Tigress Stirs
The Tigress Strikes
Knot Quite There
A Manifest Problem
When One Man Is Not Enough
A Feast for Gnats
The Long March North
Sins of the Mothers
Howl from the Heavens