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Rolanberry Fields.

Rolanberry Fields is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

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Landmarks Edit

Brutus's Field Edit

Rolanberry Brutus's Field

Brutus's Field.

The bat trio NM Black Triple Stars can be found in Brutus's Field in the nighttime.

Dietmund's Field Edit

Rolanberry Dietmund's Field

Dietmund's Field.

Fountain of Partings Edit

Rolanberry Fountain of Partings

Fountain of Partings.

Both the morbol NM Drooling Daisy and roc NM Simurgh can be found around the Fountain of Partings.

Fountain of Promises Edit

Rolanberry Fountain of Promises

Fountain of Promises.

Legion Edit

Rolanberry Legion

Saarlan and Mayuyu serve as Legion officers outside Jeuno.

Position: (J-5)

Voidwatch Operations Edit

Rolanberry Voidwatch

A Voidwatch Officer and Atmacite Refiner standing outside Jeuno.

Position: (J-5)

Personnel have been stationed outside the walls of Jeuno to assist adventurers in the ongoing Voidwatch Operations. The Voidwatch Officer here is charged with debriefing adventurers as well as issuing Voidstones and rewards, whereas the Atmacite Refiner lends a hand by enriching Atmacite and teleporting adventurers to locations where Voidwatch Operations are being conducted.

Stone Monument Edit

Rolanberry Stone Monument

The stone monument in Rolanberry Fields.

Position: (K-11)

In the southeast corner of Rolanberry Fields, a Stone Monument lies, placed some time ago by Gwynham Ironheart, the legendary explorer. It reads:

Here where the warm Garuda winds blow, rolanberries are cultivated in great orchards.
These berries are famous for their sharp, tingling tartness. And it's not just the Galka who appreciate a rolanberry pie to cleanse the palate after a meal.
These humble berries also warm the hearts of carnivorous beastmen, and guards have been posted against Goblin thieves and Yagudo raiders.
The most valuable berries are stockpiled by insects, who use a special secretion to store them. This results in an exceptionally tart preserve, popular with connoisseurs.
The village of Jeuno has benefited greatly from the harvests here, and the bounty of the sea. They seem well on their way to statehood.

Gwynham Ironheart, 757 Crystal Era

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