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The party traveling through Rolan's Soul.

Is it really all right to go wandering inside someone's soul without their permission?


Rolan's Soul (ロランのココロ, Roran no Kokoro?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The dungeon can only be entered through the Fountain of Hope located in Spelvia.


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After Rolan denies helping Yunita and Aire, the two travel into Rolan's Soul with the help of the Witch of the Sky. When the two enter the dungeon, the only part of his soul not corrupted by darkness joins the party. After learning about Rolan's past, the party encounters the monsters Freki and Geri in the final room. Yunita, Aire, and Rolan manage to defeat the two monsters, but this caused them to unleash the darkness locked away inside him and warped reality itself.

After being sent a decade into the past, the Witch of the Sky opens the path into Rolan's Soul again. While in Rolan's Soul, the party enters each room in the dungeon and defeats the demons inside. When the party enters the final room, they fight Lucifer and they manage to stop him from corrupting Rolan.

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Item Location
Hero Armor Chest located behind the center stairway in the entrance area.


After Darkness
  • Arch Demon
  • Doppleganger (Aire)
  • Doppleganger (Brandt)
  • Doppleganger (Jusqua)
  • Doppleganger (Yunita)
  • Ghoul
  • Lucifer (Boss)

Musical themes[]

"Another Space" (異空間, Ikuukan?) is the location theme for Rolan's Soul, the track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 36 respectively, and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.



The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.