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Rokol on the world map.

Welcome to Rokol, cadet. As you can see, the town has yet to recover from the damage done during the war, but it nevertheless maintains a charming quaintness.

Dominion Quaestor

Rokol (ロコル, Rokoru?) is a town in Final Fantasy Type-0 located on the Iscah Region. It is liberated on Chapter 3 and becomes visitable. The town has been damaged by the war, but is described as charming. The cadets run into Naghi Minatsuchi in an imperial disguise ready to supply Class Zero with magitek armor to sneak into Militesi territory. The magitek armor parts were salvaged from the field by dominion forces and assembled with a lot of money and time. Interacting with the MA starts the mission Operation MA Demolition.


Maona's Crystal[]

Heh. I know a snooper when I see one. Don't worry whether the gossip is 'good enough'--just get some info and leave the judging to me. Well, good luck and let the search for secrets begin!

Dominion Citizen

A self-titled Scoop Scavenger in town wants in on the latest gossip and asks Class Zero to snoop around for secrets from the Dominion Legionaries occupying Rokol. The cadet needs to talk to each legionary in Rokol and the dominion quaestor at the town entrance, then return to the Scoop Scavenger and divulge the findings.

  • The legionary right next to the Scoop Scavenger has heard rumors of a nigh indecipherable tome called the Akashic Records said to contain information on Orience's past, present, and future.
  • The legionary on the opposite side of the street explains that the Nameless Tome is an anthology of anonymous letters sent to the four peristylia long ago. The book is said to talk about Agito and Tempus Finis.
  • The legionary next to the magitek armor tells that the Nameless Tome prophesies the appearance of a legendary figure, Agito, who will save Orience from the apocalypse, and likens the prophesy to Class Zero.
  • One of the legionaries by the town entrance says the Nameless Tome talks about Tempus Finis.
  • The other legionary by the entrance divulges that until recently he "couldn't make it through the night without having an accident".
  • The quaestor by the entrance explains that Akademeia was established as a facility to cultivate cadets to become Agito.

Talking to the Scoop Scavenger afterward earns Maona's Crystal.

Challenged by a Child[]

Fighting Evil Eyes outside Rokol.

In Chapter 5 a child in Rokol tasks Class Zero with felling six Evil Eyes on the plains of Iscah. The reward is an MP Enhancer.


Merchant 1[]

Please, you gotta help me out. I've got tons of stuff on sale, so be a sport and buy something--anything!

Dominion Citizen

The first Rokol merchant sells presents.

Item Price
Buttercream Cake 4000 gil
Potted Plant 5000 gil
Music Box 5000 gil
Antique Cameo 5000 gil
Enamel Purse 6000 gil

Merchant 2[]

I've got a family to feed. You don't want my poor kids to go hungry, do you? Please, I'm begging you--just buy something!

Dominion Citizen

The second merchant sells weapons and accessories.

Item Price
Arcane Deck 1600 gil
Anima Flute 1600 gil
Windslash Bow 1600 gil
MTek-II Blaster 1600 gil
Seismic Shaker 1600 gil
Platinum Scythe 1600 gil
Platinum Whipblade 1600 gil
Platinum Knuckles 1600 gil
Shapeshifter 1600 gil
Murasame 1600 gil
Shamshir 1600 gil
Twin SuperMags 1600 gil
Platinum Rapiers 1600 gil
Ogyrenyxes 1600 gil
Frostshield Cloak 4000 gil
Flameshield Cloak 4000 gil
Sparkshield Cloak 4000 gil
White Cape 4000 gil
Hermes' Sandals 4000 gil
Star Pendant 4000 gil
Teleport Stone 2000 gil

Behind the scenes[]

The town scoop starts his pitch by saying "What's the word, Vermilion Bird?" This alludes to certain songs from the 1960s. "Surfin' Bird" is a song performed by the American surf rock band The Trashmen that is a combination of two R&B hits by The Rivingtons: "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" and "The Bird's the Word", which was influenced by Red Prysock's "What's the word? Thunderbird!"