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Rogue Karlabos is a boss in Final Fantasy XV fought during The Perfect Cup sidequest. The Rogue Karlabos can only be fought if the player chose "Shrimp" as their answer to Gladiolus's question of what to add to Cup Noodles. The other answers will send the player after a Rogue Behemoth or a Zu egg instead.


The karlabos develops in a dorsal pouch on the body of the female, and expectant mothers often seek sustenance-rich coastal waters where they can deposit the hatchlings as the time of birth draws near.
Size: 55.80 ft. Weight: 183.20 t



The karlabos can steadily move in any direction, forwards, sideways and backwards. It is weak to one-handed swords and polearms and ice. It sprays a jet of water from its tail and claws at those in front of it with its pincers. Its leaping attack and sideways body slam can be blocked and parried. It can spin around to change direction and swipe everyone in its vicinity with its tail. It can be poisoned.


Ignis's Enhancement can boost Noctis's weapon with the ice element. Attacking the karlabos from behind leaves it unable target the player, but its high mobility may make positioning tricky.


Karabos, from the ancient Greek word κάραβος, meant a type of spiny lobster or beetle.

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