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The Roda Volcano in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Roda Volcano (ローダ火山, Rōda Kazan?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is one of the two locations in Ivalice with flowing magma.


When Marche investigates the Roda Volcano he is sucked into one of the world seams and must fight the Totema Ultima. The Totema herself does not appear, but instead several Ultima Crystals appear as her Avatars. After all of the Ultima Crystals are destroyed the second Crystal shatters and a vision of Mewt appears and berates Marche for attempting to destroy "his world".

Roda Volcano is also the spawn location for "Mission #102: Wyrms Awaken". It can be freed in "Mission #246: Roda Volcano" after "Mission #010: Emerald Keep" is completed.


  • "Mission #008: Hot Awakening"

The Roda Volcano has been active lately. The Royal Mage Academy wants to hire researchers. No experience needed, must like heat.

Ramda, Geologist
  • "Mission #047: Hot Recipe"

I need to make a super hot dish to compete with the restaurant across the street! Please get the "stuff" at Roda Volcano.

Rolana, The Chocobo's Kweh
  • "Mission #076: Fire Sigil"

Marilith Serpent, Falgabird of fire and brimstone, has been seen at Roda Volcano. Your duty is clear! Godspeed.

The Mysterious Minstrel
  • "Mission #088: The Worldwyrm"

The ley lines that run through Ivalice have gone awry—the World Wyrm, Ogma is come again! Defeat him or Ivalice is doomed!

Jemingo, Geomancer
  • "Mission #246: Roda Volcano"

Roda Volcano's been active lately. Someone needs to go to the road at the base of the cone and clean off the chunks of lava.

Naricys, Geologist


Roda Dragons[]

Firewyrm sleeping in the Roda Volcano. Leaves the cone for occasional raids.


Turf Defense[]

Help Roda![]