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The Rod of Faith is a rod in Final Fantasy XII. It functions similarly to measures in that it is a weapon designed for inflicting positive statuses on the party, in this case Faith. As with measures, it uses the Pierce formula so the weapon deals a similar amount of damage regardless of the stats of the user or target.

This rod is the ultimate rod when rods are ranked on their Magick Power boost. As an offensive weapon it is near useless with its low attack stat compounded with its formula that does not increase in power with the user's level and its tendency to grant a positive status on attack. The weapon is instead designed for exclusive magick casters, boosting their magick stat and making it simple to increase it further via attacking oneself for Faith.

In the original version, its license costs 100 LP. In the Zodiac versions, its license costs 130 LP and it can be used by the White Mage.




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