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The Rocket Punch is a weapon for Barret in Final Fantasy VII, found in the Temple of the Ancients. It is a melee weapon with a strong Attack bonus and a boost to Barret's critical hit rate, but has no Materia slots. This means it locks Barret into the role of physical attacks. The player can equip it to Barret or throw it.


Rocket Punch can first be found in the maze in the Temple of the Ancients. If missed, it can be purchased at Junon after obtaining the Highwind for 3,200 gil.


Attack 62
Attack% 110
Magic 0
Materia slots Nothing
Bonuses Element: Hit

Critical% +4

As the Rocket Punch has a base Attack stat bonus of 62, the base damage for physical attacks when the Rocket Punch is equipped is in the following formula:

$ \text{Base Damage} = \text{(62 + Strength)} + \frac{\text{(62 + Strength)} + \text{Level}}{32} \times \frac{\text{(62 + Strength)} \times \text{Level}}{32} $

where "Level" is Barret's current level and "Strength" is his Strength stat. The Rocket Punch also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 110%. It provides no boost to Barret's Magic stat.


Rocket Punch FF7

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The Rocket Punch provides a good boost to Attack and to Barret's critical hit rate, but lacks Materia slots entirely. It will help Barret's normal attacks and Limits, but locks him into the role as a physical attacker by limiting Barret's Materia slots to only his equipped armor, and providing no Magic stat boost. Additionally, it is a melee weapon, meaning Barret cannot benefit from being in the back row.

Rocket Punch's lack of Materia slots means that Barret's potential for spellcasting is diminished, while taking advantage of him as a physical attacker. This is a viable use for Barret early on due to his Strength stat, but is different from how Barret is used upon obtaining his ultimate weapon, Missing Score. Though Barret is a competent physical attacker, limiting how many Magic Materia and Command Materia he can equip narrows his role; though viable, this wastes some of his potential, especially considering how he is built later in the game.

Rocket Punch, if acquired in the Temple of the Ancients, can make Barret a powerful physical attacker, and boost his Limits. After this, there are more powerful weapons without the same limitations, such as A∙M Cannon or the priced Solid Bazooka, meaning it is best to forego it. Later in the game, Barret's weapons are more powerful and have no Materia restrictions, rendering Rocket Punch redundant.

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