The Rocket Launch Pad Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. It is located on the northwest of the western continent, and features Rocket Town as its singular area of interest. Mountains including Mt. Nibel border it and the Nibel Area, with the remainder of its border on the eastern side being a land border. A sea separates it from the North Corel Area to its east.

The Rocket Launch Pad Area changes on the world map after the Huge Materia event, with the Shinra No. 26 being absent following its launch into space.

This region marks the end of the main chasing Sephiroth storyline after having traversed the entirety of the eastern and western continents. After visiting Rocket Town the player gets the Tiny Bronco which allows travel to the Wutai Area, Icicle Area, and Woodlands Area, although the next place the player must go for the story is back to the Gold Saucer.

The Mystery Ninja has an almost perfect chance of being encountered in forests if Yuffie is not yet recruited. This makes it the ideal area to repeat the recruit event to gain extra love points for the Gold Saucer date.

On the chocobo tracks in this area is the only place Chocobos with a "So-so" rating can be encountered, although they are not required for the Chocobo breeding sidequest. Great chocobos can be encountered here, although they can also be also be captured in the Mideel Area.


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