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Rocket Engine (ロケットエンジン, Roketto Enjin?) is a recurring item in the series.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Rocket Engine is an item that teaches any GF the Spd+40% ability. It can be obtained by defeating Tri-Point, by refining 10 Jet Engines into 1 Rocket Engine, or by refining one Irvine card into 3 Rocket Engines. One Rocket Engine can be refined into 50 Triples through Diablos's Time Mag-RF, while 5 Rocket Engines can be refined into 1 Spd Up through Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Rocket Engine is an S Rank accessory that provides Chase BRV Damage +20%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 1,900 gil, Power Shard x3, Power Crystal x2, and Tome of Lies x5.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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