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Rock of Ravatogh is a volcanic mountain in the Cleigne region in Final Fantasy XV. It towers over the landscape and is visible from afar; to add to the feelings of excitement and anticipation that a start of a journey entails, the Rock of Ravatogh was made visible while the player pushes the car in Chapter 1.[1]

There is a campground inside the dungeon, and a royal tomb at the end. Retrieving its royal arm yields 4,000 EXP for completing the quest. Some areas are covered in molten rock, which deals fire damage when walking across it. Some slopes are so steep that the player needs to expend their stamina gauge to get across. Vyv Dorden in Lestallum has a quest for the party to take a picture at the volcano.



At Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, behind a fence near the gas station.

Emblematic volcano situated in southwest Cleigne. Often cited as one of the finest sights in all of Lucis, the mysterious mountain seems to have frozen mid-eruption, and serves as a popular attraction for tourists and photographers alike.
The steep incline has sent many would-be climbers tumbling back down—sometimes to their doom. Picture-takers who persevere, however, are treated to some spectacular shots around the mouth of the volcano.
According to local legends, the body of Ifrit lies deep within the volcano. Drawn by these tales, devout followers of the fire god have made the pilgrimage to Ravatogh in order to pay their respects. The empire also launched a series of expeditions into the mountain several years ago, but their aims were never made clear.


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Rock of Ravatogh is an ancient volcano that has come to be associated with the Astral Ifrit, said to have been laid to rest atop it in the aftermath of the War of the Astrals.[note 1] It is implied that the region's volcanic activity is due to the Infernian's lingering influence.[2] The About the Kings of Yore document in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades posits that royal tombs were erected as a memorial to the king or queen who claimed that land in the name of Lucis, suggesting the mountain was joined in the kingdom during the rule of Tonitrus Lucis Caelum whose tomb lies on the volcano.

In late M.E. 720 Niflheim exhumed Ifrit's slumbering body from the volcano and took him to a research facility in imperial land for study.[3]

Many visit the volcano for exploration and pilgrimage. Sylvester Yeagre once hid a treasure on its slopes and scattered the pieces of the map to its location around Lucis for a treasure hunter to one day uncover. Vyv Dorden once climbed the volcano but underestimated the task at hand and was rescued by a hunter called Oric Gambell, who later went on to write Oric's Culinary Chronicles which Vyv's company published.[4]

Vyv never tries to climb the mountain again, but after Prince Noctis and his retinue impress him with their photos, he hires them to snap a picture from the mountain. If Noctis thinks egg is the best complement to a Cup Noodles, Gladiolus coaxes him to try out the best combination by scavenging for zu eggs from the mountain. Noctis finds the Mace of the Fierce from the royal tomb on the mountain as part of his quest to collect the royal arms of his forebears.

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Clearing the dungeon[]

At the first junction after starting the climb, the player can only go west, as the way to the east is the method of going back down from the summit. The path is steep and the player will slide down when out of stamina, but the rocks on the path can be used to gain stability. The restaurant at Verinas Mart near the volcano sells a food that gives infinite stamina, making the climb easier. The Royal Raiment DLC attire also gives infinite stamina.

The second junction heading east has the player climb a vertical wall that leads to a campsite and then shortly after to a zu's nest; the hunt for this beast can be accepted from the nearby settlement, Verinas Mart - Ravatogh (see below).

There is a gap on the east side of the zu battle arena that will lead to the Tomb of the Fierce where Noctis can collect the Mace of the Fierce. Taking the weapon yields 4,000 EXP and the completion of the Rock of Ravatogh quest. The player can enter the round gap from the area where the zu is fought to slide down the mountain.

Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration[]

Prompto's photo.

From the second junction when climbing up the mountain, the player can take a path of molten rock to the spot Vyv wanted a picture of. Though the area glows, the picture can still only be taken during daylight hours.

Scraps of Mystery[]

The party must find pieces of a map left behind by Sylvester Yeagre. After collecting all 14 scraps, the full map directs the party to Rock of Ravatogh in a quest called X Marks the Spot. The party can find a Mythril Ingot and 50,000 gil on the final ascent to the royal tomb.

The Perfect Cup[]

Cup Noodles with Zu Egg.jpg

In Chapter 8 approaching the noodle wagon in Lestallum opens a quest for concocting the ideal Cup Noodles. The player can choose if they prefer it with meat, egg or shrimp. Choosing egg sends the party to Rock of Ravatogh to gather zu eggs. The player doesn't need to fight the zu, only visit the nest. The next time the party camps they will eat the Cup Noodle.


Feathered Giant of the FiresmokeVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Zu x1Rock of Ravatogh (All Times)6725,300 gil, Champion's Anklet★★★★

The hunt for zu becomes available after the player has obtained the Mace of the Fierce. Zu are known for their good item drops, which some players seek to farm. Zu is best defeated with fire-elemental attacks (Elemancy and Ignis's Enhancement), and by using heavy attacks and link-strikes, such as Dawnhammer, on its legs, to make it Vulnerable.


Prompto will suggest a picture of the volcano when the player drives around the Ravatoghan area in the Regalia.

Photo Op: VolcanoReach Chapter 03250 EXP

In the Royal and Windows Editions, the player can sail the royal vessel off the coast of the volcano and Prompto will ask to take a picture of it.

Photo Op: ChimneyCygillan Ocean off the coast of Rock of RavatoghGain the means to sail the royal vessel200 EXP


Delta Daggers location.

Magic Flask.

Delta Daggers is found near the dungeon entrance. Dragon Scales are also found as collectables scattered on the overworld in the volcanic region. There is also a Debased Banknote by the nearest parking spot.

Inside the dungeon, Kettier Ginger is found in numerous procurement points.

If the player chooses "egg" as their favored topping for a Cup Noodle when Gladiolus asks about it in Lestallum in Chapter 8, they are sent to the volcano to procure zu eggs and get the key item Glimmering Zu Egg.

The volcano also has a Magic Flask, right before the two scorpions on the steps, leading up to the wyverns.


The spiracorn and saphyrtail may be fighting each other when they appear in the same area.



  1. A loading screen in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus posits that Ifrit fought the other Astrals in the War of the Astrals, died, and was laid down upon the Rock of Ravatogh. The loading screen exists for the English, German and Portuguese localizations, but is absent within the French, Italian and Spanish localizations, as well as the original Japanese version. The Almanac entry in the Windows and Royal Editions reveals there is a local legend of Ifrit lying inside the volcano and worshipers making pilgrimages up the volcano to pay respects. The mountain's tendril-like formations could be seen as resembling Ifrit's horns.