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Rochefogne I Tavnazia.

Rochefogne I Tavnazia is a non-playable Elvaan character in Final Fantasy XI. He travels to the Kingdom of San d'Oria and inquires about the nation's queen, Leaute. Regarded as a common adventurer, he is turned away at the gate to Chateau d'Oraguille. This does not discourage him from delving deeper into the Kingdom's affairs, however.

He is often seen in the company of Vauderame, a mysterious but vigilant wayfarer.


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Rochefogne was born in Marquisate of Tavnazia as the son of its leader, Marquis Altedour. He was the brother of Leaute, who was married to King Destin R d'Oraguille of San d'Oria. Generations earlier Destin's ancestor, Ranperre, had entrusted the Marquisate with a sword called Lightbringer. The Dragon King's instruction that the weapon never be unsheathed and that dreamrose pollen be used to neutralize its power was passed down through Tavnazia's ruling family.

During the Crystal War the Beastmen were lured toward Tavnazia as a gambit by the Alliance of Altana. This strategy was disastrous for the Marquisate, however, and the castle gate was soon under siege. Altedour and his family attempted to escape in the hope of joining Leaute in San d'Oria but young Rochefogne could not abandon his country. He seized Lightbringer from his father and rushed back toward the city alone.

Surrounded by Orcs, Rochefogne drew the sacred weapon and was engulfed in a blinding light. When he came to his senses he was on a beach and Lightbringer was nowhere to be found. A man pulled him from the sea and mentioned that Tavnazia had been blasted into the depths by an incredible force. With his memory shaken, Rochefogne could not deny the suggestion that a secret Orcish weapon had devastated his nation.

It was only years later that Rochefogne was able to remember what he had done. Unsheathing Lightbringer had destroyed his family among thousands of other Tavnazians. As the heir to the Marquisate, he pledged to find the sword and prevent such calamity from being unleashed again. He joined Vauderame, a well-connected traveler, and began his search.

Present Day[]

Rochefogne arrives in San d'Oria and seeks news of his sister at Chateau d'Oraguille. The guard informs him that she had died fifteen years earlier of a rare illness and that adventuring rabble like Rochefogne would never have been permitted to see her in any case. Unable to obtain further details, the Tavnazian offers his thanks and departs for King Ranperre's Tomb.

Rochefogne visits what he believes to be the Dragon King's grave and attempts to commune with his spirit. He wonders whether Ranperre knows the location of Lightbringer. The Tavnazian is not alone, however, and a San d'Orian agent overhears him. Rochefogne learns that a search for tomb-robbers is underway and questions whether the sword is the hoodlums' objective. Vauderame promptly silences him to prevent word of Lightbringer from spreading.

Suspecting the involvement of Orcs, Rochefogne and Vauderame climb to Horlais Peak. They find no evidence of the sword but discover an unexpected Ahriman summoning a dragon. Although this indicates a sinister hand behind the Orcs, Vauderame asserts that they have nothing to gain by fighting the foul creatures. Hearing adventurers approaching, Rochefogne and his companion escape and leave the dirty work to others.

Having exhausted Fort Ghelsba, the Tavnazians move deeper into the Orc territory of Davoi. Still failing to find any clues, Rochefogne decides to turn to his sister. Leaute had received all of Lightbringer's secrets during her coming-of-age ceremony and he believes that she would have relinquished some information before she died. He and Vauderame therefore break into Chateau d'Oraguille and ransack the queen's former chambers. They again find nothing but manage to complete their intrusion having only been seen by an old man.

Unsatisfied, Rochefogne later sneaks back into the castle to visit Leaute's grave in the garden. He learns that her will had ordered rare dreamroses to always be planted at her side. As he walks among these flowers he has a vision of his sister telling him not to pursue the Dragon King's treasure. Baffled, he leaves before his presence is noted.

Returning to King Ranperre's Tomb, Rochefogne passes the false resting place he had previously visited and discovers Ranperre's true grave. He again attempts to communicate with the Dragon King but ultimately admits disappointment when Lightbringer is absent. He revisits the Orcs and once more finds nothing of value. Finally he decides to confront the d'Oraguille family directly.

Having assembled in Northern San d'Oria for the coming-of-age ceremony of Princess Claidie, Destin and his heirs exit the Cathedral to a crowd of onlookers. Rochefogne interrupts the procession and reveals his identity to all present. He accuses San d'Oria of betraying his father during the Crystal War and leading Tavnazia to ruin. Claidie is surprised that her mother's brother should appear so suddenly and her companions accuse him of lying. Rochefogne promises to prove himself by claiming Lightbringer and flees the scene.

His boasting does not bear fruit, however, as the Temple Knights locate the weapon and deliver it to Chateau d'Oraguille well ahead of Rochefogne. In spite of his aggressive display, he had ventured to nearby regions to construct an elemental barrier around San d'Oria rather than seeking Lightbringer. Although Claidie wishes to negotiate with the Tavnazian, Trion decides to have this barrier dismantled and orders his uncle's assassination by the "Cadavres des Corneilles", a group of dangerous prisoners granted pardons if they do the royal family's dirty work.

Rochefogne notices tampering with his barrier in Batallia Downs and sends Vauderame to check the enchantment's other anchor points. While alone he is cornered by Trion's assassins and thrown from a cliff. When one of his attackers climbs down to claim proof of their deed Rochefogne kills him and dons his armor. Using this disguise he disposes of the remaining assassins and returns to San d'Oria.

Lurking among Trion's subordinates, Rochefogne attends a ceremony during which the prince will draw Lightbringer and unwittingly unleash its power. He takes Claidie hostage and demands the sword in exchange for her life. Trion had anticipated this, however, and trades a replica to free his sister. As he proceeds to unsheathe the real weapon Claidie hurls dreamrose pollen at him and Lightbringer is momentarily subdued.

A hidden Orc drops in and steals the sword while Trion is incapacitated. Rochefogne is injured as the thief escapes but manages to explain the danger posed by Lightbringer and its part in the fall of Tavnazia. He then undergoes treatment while Trion leads San d'Oria's knights to recover the weapon. His expedition succeeds and learns that the Orcs had actually intended to destroy it. Lightbringer had killed many of their kind in Tavnazia and they never wanted to see it used again.

Having made his peace with the d'Oraguille family, Rochefogne accompanies a royal procession to King Ranperre's Tomb. The spirit of the Dragon King appears and accepts Lightbringer from his descendant. With the sword safely entombed, Rochefogne sneaks away and rejoins Vauderame. They put San d'Oria behind them as they pursue their long-term goal of reestablishing the Tavnazian Marquisate.

Though Tavnazian survivors later make contact with the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Rochefogne is not among them. His destination in the wake of the Lightbringer incident is unknown. Vauderame seems confident that he is secure, however.

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