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Roche, also known as Speed Demon (スピードジャンキー, Supīdo Jankī?, lit. Speed Junkie), is a renegade SOLDIER 3rd Class in Final Fantasy VII Remake who is obsessed with speed, motorcycles and competition.



Roche is a young man sporting a long mane of blond hair coiffed up at the top. He has the blue mako eyes typical of all SOLDIERs, a small goatee, and wears the SOLDIER 3rd Class uniform of dark blue, combat boots, leather belts with a SOLDIER emblem and large shoulder guards. He drives a fiery red motorcycle of Shinra make, capable of driving sideways and generally handling in a way impossible for a real world motorbike. He wields a SOLDIER issue broadsword, the same style as the one Zack Fair initially had in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. SOLDIER Sword from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-


Roche is a fearless and reckless thrill seeker, exhilarated by the speeds he can achieve with his motorcycle. He longs for competition that can match him, and elates in taking down delinquents who illegally drive through the Midgar train tunnels. Though arrogant and sure in his superiority, he respects an opponent who can match him and does not get upset if his bike is damaged in "race conditions," only swearing he shall return for a rematch. He possesses a sense of honor, restoring Cloud's health so they can have a fair one-on-one fight. Midgar Security generally stays out of his way; this is justified, as when Roche first assaults Cloud and Jessie, he bounces his bike off a patrolman's vehicle, causing the latter to explode.


For a SOLDIER 3rd Class, Roche is unusually skilled and powerful, described as holding the skill needed to secure a promotion to the higher classes of SOLDIER but not being interested in it.[1] He is a virtuoso motorcyclist, able to perform seemingly physically impossible stunts. He is proficient in both swordsmanship and magic, able to also fight while riding his vehicle.


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When Cloud, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge are heading topside for Jessie to obtain a new blasting agent for another bombing mission, they ride on two motorbikes through the train tunnels. They fail an ID check and are accosted by Shinra operatives, among them Roche, who proceeds to antagonize Cloud and challenge him to a race. Cloud outmaneuvers him and damages Roche's bike enough for him to need to stop. Roche is exhilarated at having found worthy competition and wants to meet Cloud again.

Cloud and Roche clash from FFVII Remake

Cloud clashes with Roche.

Roche assaults Cloud at the Shinra Warehouse, demanding a one-on-one duel off the bikes, but Cloud forces Roche to surrender. As Sweeper mechs surround Cloud, Biggs and Wedge, Roche hops on his bike and takes out several of them since he wants Cloud to live so they can fight again.


First encounterEdit

Roche is the boss of the motorcycling section in Chapter 4 "Mad Dash." The segment is based on the G Bike minigame from the original Final Fantasy VII. The player needs to hit his bike enough for a cut scene to trigger where Cloud jumps onto Roche's bike and damages his engine.

Motorcycle segment in Ch4 Mad Dash from FFVII Remake

Motorcycle segment.

The player can steer the bike, brake and accelerate, and swing Cloud's sword left or right of the bike. Cloud has a special attack that takes a moment to charge, unleashed with Triangle, called Spinning Slash, where Cloud spins the bike, dealing more damage than with normal sword strikes. His long range attack is called Sharp Gust, using L1+Triangle.

Roche alternates between pulling ahead or to the sides of the tunnel to unleash attacks onto the party: either crescent energy slashes, which the player can avoid by swerving from side to side, or bolts of lightning that hit the road ahead, which the player should try to anticipate and avoid. After Roche stops his onslaught he slows down enough for the player to get near to him to attack.

The game is over if Cloud takes too much damage and his health is depleted, but the "Continue from Last Battle" option lets the player continue from the segment where Roche first appears, starting at full health. Biggs and Wedge's bike also has a health bar and can take damage, but Roche should focus on Cloud and the player does not need to particularly protect Biggs and Wedge.

Earning praise from Jessie for excelling in this segment (finishing with 80%+ health) yields a trophy.

Second encounterEdit

Roche returns at the Shinra warehouse and challenges Cloud to a one-on-one duel, restoring his HP and MP for a fair fight before engaging (this won't happen on hard mode).

Roche employs a flashy fighting style, and uses magic, such as Thunder. After sustaining a certain amount of damage, he will become more aggressive, using dashing attacks that cover great distance and may briefly stun Cloud. At this phase, he'll employ new techniques, such as Ignition Flame, which erupts a pillar of flame towards Cloud; and Combustion Sword, which resembles Cloud's Braver. He dodges most of Cloud's attacks when in his neutral stance.

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Musical themesEdit

Roche's theme is called "Speed Demon."

Behind the scenesEdit

Roche was created to better explain the situation for SOLDIER operatives fighting for Shinra.[2]


His Japanese voice actor is Kenta Miyake. He shares this voice actor with Biran Ronso from Final Fantasy X, Gladiolus Amicitia from the Final Fantasy XV Universe and Ignacio from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.



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