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Rocbouquet's artwork in Final Fantasy Tactics S.

Rocbouquet (ロックブーケ, Rokkubūke?) is one of the main antagonists from the Super Famicom game Romancing SaGa 2. She has also appeared in the Final Fantasy series and related titles in multiple forms.


Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

Rocbouquet's sprite.

Rocbouquet appeared as a dark-elemental unit as part of the Emperor SaGa crossover event. Her job was Seven Heroes and given a unique race called Demigod. Her default unit attack was Horror and her special ability was Temptation.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

Rocbouquet's artwork.

Rocbouquet appears as a non-elemental summon. She can be obtained as a summon through the summon drawing shop.

Rocbouquet's special attack is Temptation, which inflicts poison, blind, silence, and slow to all enemies for five turns. Summoning Rocbouquet costs 2 points from the consumption gauge. Rocbouquet's Phantom Stone is an SSS rank summon and she has a summon cost of 18 to equip to a character.

Her artwork was done by freelance artist Mineji Sakamoto.

The summon allows the wielder to use the following abilities depending on the summon's rank:

  • Summon Lightning I
  • Summon Lightning II
  • Summon Lightning III
Stat upgrades
Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
☆ 5 50 18 1022 61 42 139 59 None
☆ 6 60 18 1254 76 52 170 73 ?
☆ 7 70 18 1463 89 62 198 86 ?
☆ 8 99 18 1778 116 76 237 102 ?
Passive abilities

The following are bonus abilities granted to characters equipped with Rocbouquet.

Ability-type Effect Minimum activation rank
Summon Lightning Magic + 10 - 15% 5
Summon Lightning Poison resistance
Blind resistance
Silence resistance

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]


Rocbouquet appears as a boss as part of the Romancing SaGa 2 crossover event. Her sprite is reused from the original Super Famicom version of Romancing SaGa 2. In addition, Rocbouquet also appears in the final boss fusion form of the Seven Heroes.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Rocbouquet, along with the other Seven Heroes, appears as a boss as part of the Imperial SaGa crossover event. Her enemy sprite is taken from Imperial SaGa and the remake of Romancing SaGa 2.

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