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Roblon is a Rank VI Mark from Final Fantasy XII. The hunt becomes available after felling Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. Roblon can be found in the Overlooking Eternity area of the Nabreus Deadlands (accessed by a hidden passage) and is part of the Jovy side quest in Nalbina.

Clan Primer[]

Hunt 18: Adding Insult to Injury[]

Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Morgen
Petitioner's Location: Nalbina Fortress
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of the Roblon (Rank VI). The petitioner is Morgen in the West Ward of Nalbina.
  • Hunt accepted. Morgen is distressed by a certain golem wandering the ruins of his homeland, Nabudis. The Roblon is to be found in the Nabreus Deadlands, hidden beyond a place of high grasses and thick fog.
  • Roblon defeated! Report to Morgen in Nalbina's West Ward.
  • Hunt reported to Morgen. It transpires that the golem was the creation of Morgen's son.

Bestiary entry[]

Being a magickal Construct of Iron, faithful to its Master always, heeding neither Call nor Command of any Other. This method of Control is called 'Morgenstyling' after the famous Golemologist Morgen. This particular Golem is the Creation of the great man's Son, who was lost in Battle soon thereafter. Now his Roblon rampages, masterless, wild, and newly Marked.


AI script[]

FiraHP >50%; use on closest opponent (50%)
50% < HP < 20% when opponent is close (5%)
HP <50% when opponent is far (50%)
BlizzaraHP >50%; use on closest opponent (50%)
50% < HP < 20% when opponent is close (5%)
HP <50% when opponent is far (50%)
ThundaraHP >50%; use on closest opponent (50%)
50% < HP < 20% when opponent is close (5%)
HP <50% when opponent is far (50%)
FearHP >50%; use on closest opponent (50%)
50% < HP < 20% when opponent is close (5%)
HP <50% when opponent is far (50%)
Smite of Rage50% < HP < 20%; use on closest opponent (5%)
FocusHP > 50% & MP < 20% (100%)
HP < 50% & MP < 20% when opponent is far (100%)
Lunge50% < HP < 20%; use on closest opponent (5%)
Tri-Attack50% < HP < 20%; use on closest opponent (5%)
Attack CT0When HP<50%

How to find[]

Roblon is in an area reached via a hidden path in the northwest part of The Slumbermead. The path is hidden in the tall grass. Roblon then appears at the shrine at the top of the area.


The player should be prepared for a long fight with a low-level party. Roblon casts Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara and uses Fear that reduces one party member's MP to zero. Dead Bones keep on spawning as soon as the party enters the area. They constantly cast -ra tier magicks and use Reflect on themselves.


It may be a good idea to bring plenty of Phoenix Downs and other items to restore MP or cure status conditions. Quickenings should be used cautiously for a low level party, as Quickenings may not be strong enough to completely defeat Roblon, leaving no MP left for healing. In the Zodiac versions, however, this concern is nullified, as Quickenings are no longer cast from MP.

The player can destroy all of the Dead Bones before engaging Roblon. There are several spawn points in the area, but each will only spawn about three times. By luring the Dead Bones down the hill, the party can mop them up before engaging Roblon. Using the Opal Ring accessory, a character can penetrate a Dead Bone's Reflect status to damage them with curative spells.

While the temptation is there to use Reddas as a fourth member, the fight's unique nature means that in the original version he can actually do more harm than good; his pre-set gambits are structured to attack foes targeting him or are the nearest visible, not to attack the party leader's target. With the Dead Bones' spawn points scattered around the field, it is easy for Reddas to get distracted and be drawn away. If he gets in trouble, he can draw one of the party members away from the main fight to aid him, and if the distance is great enough, they will be out of range of curative spells like Curaja, and the party will end up expending twice the amount of MP as normally. This is no longer the case in the Zodiac versions as guests can be controlled and their gambits can be changed.

It may be worth setting up individual curative gambits for each party member with an Arise gambit in place to deal with party members being KO'd; this will revive Reddas (or any other KO'd members) in the thick of the battle where he is needed.



The name is probably based in "El Roblón" which is animated tree with human features, a giant of the Cantabrian mythology.

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