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Roberto Ferrari.

Roberto Ferrari (ロベルト・フェラーリ, Roberuto Ferāri?) is an Italian artist working as a character designer at Square Enix. His works are recognizable by the trademark フェラーリ circled in red.


Ferrari moved from Rome to Tokyo in 1997 to pursue his dream of becoming a character designer in Japan. Prior to joining Square Enix he worked for Tatsunoko Productions, a famous Japanese animation studio, which Yoshitaka Amano spent much of his early career at, and did the character designs for Namco's Death by Degrees. For the latter, producer Yozo Sakagami hoped his Western sensibilities would help preserve the characters' intended Caucasian appearance, specifically noting that "with games like Final Fantasy," Japanese designers tend to make white characters look Japanese.

Aside from his involvement within the Final Fantasy series, Ferrari also worked on The Last Remnant, Moon Diver, Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes, Guns N' Souls feat. Song Summoner and Rampage Land Rankers (with Tetsuya Nomura).

Starting with Final Fantasy Type-0 in 2011, Ferrari began working as a sub character designer under Tetsuya Nomura on the Final Fantasy series, and has subsequently designed characters for titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, often sharing character design credits with Nomura.

Works within the series[]

Game Ferrari's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy Type-0 Sub-Character Designer
Final Fantasy XV Character Design
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Costume Designer
Final Fantasy VII Remake Character Design
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Designer