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Concept of futuristic cars parked in Lunatic Pandora Laboratory.

Using road transportation is an optional method of travel across the world of Final Fantasy VIII, mainly used until the party obtains either the mobile Garden or Ragnarok.

Transport useEdit

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The first instance of road transportation use is when the Balamb Garden students are transported to Balamb Town via SeeD Personal Carrier Vehicles. In Deling City the player can navigate the city by taking a free bus ride. During the assassination attempt upon Sorceress Edea, Squall hijacks a blue Tempest car, and during the escape from D-District Prison the party acquires two Galbadian APCs. Galbadian motorcycles are seen during the Battle of the Gardens and Laguna Loire is seen using a variety of transports in the dream sequences.

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When using road transportation the player will experience no monster encounters and they also move faster on the world map (accumulating more "steps" and thus resulting in being paid more frequently). Cars require fuel to run, and once all fuel is gone, the car will cease moving. Renting a car costs 3,500 gil, and fuel costs 3,000 gil per unit. Fuel can be bought from the shops around the world, and a rented car always starts with one unit of fuel.

Transport typesEdit


Cars come in a variety of shapes and models. Accessible to the player via the town/city rental services (see below), cars and trucks can also be seen around towns and cities being used by NPCs. SeeD Personal Carrier Vehicle is used by Balamb Garden for transporting SeeD members and SeeD cadets.

A green pickup truck model and backgrounds featuring it have been unearthed from the game code by players. It appeared to have belonged to Laguna Loire during his stay in Winhill, but this car does not feature in the game; the only vestige of its existence is that the Artisan in Shumi Village shows a model he's made of it to Squall's party if spoken to.

The TempestEdit

Tempest attack

The Tempest is a light blue convertible Cadillac Squall "acquires" during the assassination attempt on Sorceress Edea. The Tempest would appear in Squall's possession again in Chocobo Racing.



Armored Personnel Carriers are used frequently by military forces to transport personnel to locations. Such APCs are seen being used by both the SeeD forces for student transportation and the Galbadian forces for troop transportation.


Used as a public transportation system, the bus service in Deling City allows the player to travel from one end of the city to the other relatively quickly without interference from surrounding obstacles. The buses can be boarded for free simply by talking to a conductor near a relevant bus stop.

Unused text entries in the game data suggest there was once a plan for the player to be able to choose a location, but instead the bus goes around the city and the player decides when to get off.



Galbadian soldiers ride motorcycles in the Battle of the Gardens, driving them off ramps to launch onto Balamb Garden from Galbadia Garden. To assist them, the Galbadian motorcycles have rockets strapped to their rear wheels to help propel them. The ramps which they drive off likely have some method of launching the motorcycles as well.


Chocobos can be used to travel on the world map on the continents that have no car rentals. Chocobos are free, but require the player to solve a puzzle in a chocobo forest first.

Car rentalEdit

The player may rent a car to travel on the world map. Every town has a different looking car to rent.

List of car rentalsEdit


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