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Ro'Maeve is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

Locations Edit

Qu'Hau Spring Edit

RoMaeve QuHau Spring

An empty Qu'Hau Spring in Ro'Maeve.

Position: (H-6)

Moongate Edit

RoMaeve Moongate

One of the two Moongates in Ro'Maeve.

Position: (C-7), (L-7)

Planar Rift Edit

RoMaeve Planar Rift

A planar rift in Ro'Maeve.

Position: (E-7), (I-9), (K-7)

These mysterious rifts are disturbances in the fabric of time and space. It is from here that extradimensional invaders of unknown origin, collectively known as "Voidwalkers", breach into Vana'diel. To stem the tide of invasion, adventurers may volunteer themselves in Voidwatch operations to dispatch these intruders at the source. The fiend Mimic King can be found at the Planar Rifts here.

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Music Edit

"Ro'Maeve" is the eponymous theme of the area. During battles in the area, either "Battle Theme" or "Battle Theme #3" plays, depending on whether or not the player fighting is alone or in a party, respectively.

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