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Moonflow river in Final Fantasy X.

The water runs swift and clear.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions River tile's description.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's icon.River (, Kawa?) is a recurring terrain type and location on the world map in the Final Fantasy series. It is an area in most maps and cannot be traveled on without the use of the canoe or a specific chocobo.


Final Fantasy[]

There are many unnamed rivers across the world of Final Fantasy, and these rivers can only be crossed with the canoe. There are two types of battle background that were introduce in the later versions, the normal river and the rapids version. The latter is seen when the player engages in battle when they are surrounded by mountains on both sides of the river on the overworld.

Final Fantasy II[]

Like the first Final Fantasy game, this world has nameless river on the world map. They can also be traverse with the canoe.

Final Fantasy III[]

The nameless rivers returns in this game, and they follow the same function as the previous two entries in the series. It can be traverse with either a canoe or a chocobo. A Geomancer will use Rapids that has a 40% hit rate, it will instantly defeats one enemy if it hits, but it has a high backfire rate.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Rivers appears across the world, and they are barriers for the players. These rivers cannot be walk into unless they are riding a chocobo that are caught in a Chocobo Forest.

Final Fantasy V[]

There are a few unnamed rivers in the world, Boko will allow the party to cross rivers which are otherwise obstacles if traveling without the chocobo.

Final Fantasy VI[]

The Lethe River flows through the World of Balance. Its origin is in the Sabre Mountains, and it flows through the mountains and has two discharges: one near the port city of Nikeah and the other is near Gau's father's house. The river also runs into a lake close to Narshe. Mog can learn the Water Harmony dance when fighting on the river.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Blue chocobo is the only one capable of crossing the many unnamed rivers in the world.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Rivers appears across all continents, serving to block the player's path. All of them are unnamed.

Final Fantasy X[]

The Moonflow is a large river that dissects Spira's main continent into Southern and Northern halves. The primary method of crossing is on shoopuf, an elephant-like creature that can swim across the expansive river. Moonlilies grow on the Moonflow's banks and pyreflies gather on its surface at night, making the water glow and sparkle.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Numerous rivers flow through parts of Eorzea. Prominent ones include the Nym, Agelyss, and Rogue River in La Noscea, the Yug'ram River in Thanalan, the Velodyna and Hathoeva rivers in Black Shroud, and the Coerthas River in Coerthas. Nearly all rivers contain fishing holes.

Final Fantasy XV[]

There is a river that runs through Cleigne region. Chocobos cannot swim in flowing water, and thus the player needs to use bridges to cross. There are fishing spots around the river.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

There's a terrain tile called River. A Geomancer standing on the River terrain tile will use Torrent to deal Water-elemental damage with a chance of inflicting Toad to any enemy units within five squares. This tile can be found in Finnath Creek.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

Once the Chocobo becomes Chocobot, it will be able to traverse the rivers found across the vast world.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Jegon River is a very important body of water, it is the main source of water for the continent, as well as a major water transportation route.

World of Final Fantasy[]

River to the Seas.

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A river is a natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river.