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The Rivelgauge Monastery is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is located on a mountain north of the Snowfields. Clavat pilgrims come here to cleanse their souls with the holy water of Rivelgauge mountain.

Layle can reach the Monastery through the Bridge of Tribulations. At the entrance, there are two chocobos (whom Layle can ride, unlike the ones inside the building) accompanied by a Clavat man.

In the first corridor, there is a mail moogle.

A notable room inside the monastery is a small chapel, whose fountain is able to fully heal Layle. A man in the room tells the player that the water will not only wash away sins, but also keep the skin smooth. Inside the same room, there is a box for charity donations from which Layle can try to steal; if he does so, the monastery's matron will run after him, enraged.

Out in the snowy gardens, Layle can help some youths in adorning the trees by placing colorful ornaments on them. Doing so earns him a medal.

Wild chocobo eggs found in the mountains can be brought over to the chocobo stables to be taken care of. Some eggs will hatch into yellow chocobo chicks and others into black chocobo chicks. Interestingly, some other eggs will hatch into turtles.

The stables give way to the Commoner's Graveyard.

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