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Ah, a Riskbreaker... A royal guard dog!

A Riskbreaker (リスクブレイカー, Risukubureikā?) is a title, referring to special agents of the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP) in Vagrant Story. Agent Rosencrantz, and the game's central character, Agent Riot, belong to this group.


Riskbreakers, or the Dangerous Criminal Task Force, is the most danger-ridden post in the Valendia Knights of the Peace. They clamp down on crimes that threaten to undermine the security of society, entrusted with the responsibility to go after various criminal organizations and perpetrators boasting significant influence for social upheaval, and investigate major incidents involving state secrets.

Those striving to become Riskbreakers need above average fighting ability and quick and precise judgment under high stress. Riskbreakers are typically strong enough to work alone, yet earn their name from facing a survival rate of less than 30%. Because of their highly dangerous assignments they can kill when circumstances demand, and learn a variety of survival skills, including the self maintenance of equipment and armaments.

Though they are supposed to be guardians of the people, years of corruption have degraded the organization to mere strong-arms who kill for the government. As Riskbreakers need to be detached from their humanity and individuality, yet retain morale and spirit to continue fighting in the name of patriotism as the "fangs of the government", it is not uncommon for them to have a short career, either dying in the line of duty, or losing their nerve among the atrocities they had to commit and retiring.


As Ashley progresses through Leá Monde, his rank is calculated at the end of every boss battle.

Rank Level Score Titles Required
Normal Agent 1 0
Gladiator 2 500,000
Daredevil 3 1,000,000
Berserker 4 2,000,000
Destroyer 5 3,000,000
Spectrebane 6 4,000,000
Paladin 7 5,000,000
Mystic Wanderer 8 8,000,000
Blademaster 9 12,000,000
Master Gladiator 10 16,000,000
Courageous Adventurer 11 24,000,000
Dragon Slayer 12 32,000,000
Raging Berserker 13 40,000,000
Radiant Knight 14 50,000,000 8
Grand Paladin 15 75,000,000 12
Grand Master Breaker 16 100,000,000 16