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"Rise of the White Raven"
FFXIV Nael Second Phase

"Rise of the White Raven" is the final boss theme of Final Fantasy XIV. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

In the original Final Fantasy XIV, "Rise of the White Raven" is the final boss theme, played once the player character and his or her party enter the second stage of the final battle with the main antagonist Nael van Darnus, who has now transformed into Nael deus Darnus after taking in too much of Dalamud's power.

The piece begins set in C minor, featuring a heavy amount of strings, vocals, and a harp solo in its opening. The ethereal mood evoked by the choral notes and the harp solo could possibly represent Nael's loss of sanity and his rise to full power due to Dalamud boosting his power. The piece then transitions into a brass fanfare of short, crisp notes.

This is followed by a tenor solo with a clear voice, which is, in turn, followed by a tenor solo with a slightly-distorted voice as the piece changes to D minor, then E-flat minor. After another brass fanfare in D minor, a duet between a soprano voice and a tenor voice is featured, and it continues as the piece changes to B-flat minor, then ends in F major before it loops back to the start. All vocals are featured in Latin.

In A Realm Reborn, an instrumental version called "Bite of the Black Wolf" plays during several Legatus battles, such the first stage of the final battle of the main story quest line when facing Gaius van Baelsar in the bottom of The Praetorium. "Rise of the White Raven" is again played in full during the rematch with Nael deus Darnus, who serves as the final boss of The Second Coil of Bahamut. A heavily remixed version can be heard in the Cinder Drift when the party fights the true form of the Ruby Weapon.

Through crafting, players can adquire the "Rise of the White Raven" music theme for the Orchestrion. An orchestral version of the theme is also available in Mog Station.


Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis ascendit
Superne videt praeteritum
Praesentem et futurum videt
Res evertuntur repente
Ad unum omnes sunt mortui dei
Machinae regnabunt in caelo
Ratio regnabit in terra
Corvum candidum exhilaramus
Ecce extendit trans mundi alas
Vocat lucem rubram excidii
Fulget luce rubrae victoriae
Imperium ave!
Ave imperium!
Ave imperium!
Testate adventu fati
Testate adventu Dalamud!
Official translation
The dauntless raven
The dauntless raven
The dauntless raven rises up
From on high, he marks the past;
Marks the present; marks the future
A revolution is upon us
All the gods are dead
Machines will rule the heavens
Reason will rule the land
Exalt we the White Raven
Behold! His wings enfold the world
He calls down the red light of destruction
He glows with the red light of victory
The Empire!
The Empire!
Hail to the Empire!
Hail to the Empire!
Hail to the Empire!
Bear witness to the advent of Fate
Bear witness to the advent of Dalamud!

The words "hear", "feel", and "think", which are heard in the main theme after character creation, are faintly spoken during the first stanza.

Album appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIV - Eorzean FrontiersEdit

Soken's piece is featured as the seventh track of the album.

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