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FFVI Android Rippler

Rippler (iOS/Android).

Exchanges an enemy's status effects with those of the caster.

Rippler (波紋, Hamon?, lit. Ripple) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Rippler is a Lore ability that exchanges all statuses of the user with the statuses of the target, including several "not named in-game" statuses such as Interceptor Guard, and is thus the cause of the Rippler bug.

It can copy the status effects from relics such as Miracle Shoes, but the wearer of the relic does not lose the status due to it being permanent on the character. The player can still dispel the enemy who used Rippler to remove the statuses they gain from the relic(s), as they are not permanent on them.

This Lore can be learned from the Blue Dragon, Dark Force, Gigantoad and Leap Frog. It costs 66 MP to cast and has a hit rate of 111, but will miss targets that are immune to the Imp status.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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