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Rinora (リノラ, Rinora?) is a major supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius who plays a prominent role in Season Three. He is the conductor of the Farplane Express a train used to travel in the Farplane.


Rinora is a young pale-skinned boy with purple hair that obscures his eyes. He wears traditional train conductor clothing, except with black shorts instead of pants and has long socks. He has a pocket watch.


Rinora is a kind, and attentive boy, who takes his duties as the conductor seriously. He loves to play card games, particularly with Bruce, despite the fact he always loses. He is polite, and mature and well behaved for his age, despite his amnesia, although it is said that he was always a good natured boy, who was always obedient, and neither picky or whimsical. Rinora loves trains, which is why his mother crafted him his signature train conductor clothes as a present. When the Hollow Breakers are on their mission, he will secretly play with his collection of stuffed animals as opponents, something he'd rather not let anybody see.

While under the influence of the Hollow, Rinora is drastically different, becoming a maniacal, homicidal, sadistic and deranged sociopath who actively tries to destroy and kill others to inflict pain and goad people into hating and killing him as it thrills him to see people yield to their negative emotions.


Rinora was born as the only son of Bruce and his wife Ella in the Fortified City of Belga. He was a good natured boy to his parents who always followed their directives and wasn't particularly mischievous. Since he loved trains, his mother gifted him a train conductor uniform with the words "happy birthday". At some point Diverti came to learn the arts of summoning from Bruce and became a brotherly figure for Rinora.

One day while they were camping, Rinora was venturing the forest and came into some ruins that were housing the Will of Oblivion, The Hollow's will made manifest. The Hollow thus formed a bond with Rinora and he was put under its influence making him an emmisair for the embodiment of nothingness. While considered lost by his parents, Rinora secretly travelled the Farplane and recruited Chorale giving him the instruction to recruit others like him to become Hollow Keepers to which Chorale complied.

Some time after Rinora appeared before his parents but he was already different, and started to attack them, leaving the two of them in disbelief. Although Bruce tried to fight back he was holding back, until Rinora attacked Ella, inflicting lethal wounds, while pleading Rinora to come back. Bruce begins to fight his now deranged son, but was still at a disadvantage. Bruce then evoked the Esper Doomtrain who proceed to blast Rinora down from a cliff. Diverti witnessed the ordeal and believed Bruce to have murdered both Ella and Rinora in cold blood, to which he remained silent.

Bruce went after Rinora, still alive but now rendered amnesiac after the fall before falling unconscious. A crystal appeared before Bruce who taught him about the Hollow and how Rinora came to be under the influence of the Will of Oblivion, requesting Bruce to close the Hollow's wormholes and stop its threat. Bruce asked if the bond could be severed but the voice claimed that it couldn't since it was a deep, forged bond. The voice told him that if the wormholes were closed, Rinora's memories would be returned and he would become malevolent again. Bruce realized that he could not bring himself to kill Rinora, now amnesiac as he was an innocent person, so he accepted the voice's request to close wormholes and when the time came, kill Rinora himself if he became evil again. The voice granted him the power to close wormholes, and Bruce gathered Pilocyte to turn the Doomtrain into the Farplane Express lying to Rinora that he was its conductor.