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Rinoa is a playable party member in Final Fantasy VIII. She wields Blaster Edges in battle, is supported by her dog Angelo, and has two Limit Breaks: Angel Wing and Combine. Rinoa also appears as a boss and a Triple Triad card. She is briefly the party leader during a segment in Deling City. She is also playable in the PlayStation Final Fantasy VIII demo where she replaces Selphie and Seifer for the portions they are playable in the final game.

Party member

Rinoa joins the party at the mission in Timber. Her intro pose is to stare at the enemy with her arm on her hip before stroking her hair to the side. Her victory pose is to jump with her hands in the air, then turn around while flipping her hair.



Rinoa uses a Blaster Edge in battle. Through upgrades via junk shop she can come to wield one of five other variant models. The Blaster Edge, which should be attached to her left forearm, does not appear in cutscenes. When in trouble she receives the aid of her dog, Angelo.

While it is possible to acquire Rinoa's ultimate weapon, Shooting Star, before disc 3, it is difficult due to the player requiring a Force Armlet to upgrade.

  • Pinwheel – Initial model. Described in Weapons Monthly, April Issue.
  • Valkyrie – Described in Weapons Monthly, May Issue.
  • Rising Sun – Described in Weapons Monthly, July Issue.
  • Cardinal – Described in Weapons Monthly, August Issue.
  • Shooting Star – Described in Weapons Monthly, 1st Issue.

Rinoa's Blaster Edge might have been inspired by similar weapons found in Rudra no Hihō on the Super Famicom, a game that was release by Square in 1996. In that game, these weapons are mounted on the arm and shoots a crescent-shaped scythe at the enemy.

Limit Breaks

Rinoa is the only character in Final Fantasy VIII to have two Limit Breaks. The first one she starts with, while the second is obtained through story progression.




Combine is Rinoa's primary Limit Break, in which Rinoa teams up with Angelo to perform a variety of attacks. To gain access to Combine moves the player has to read Pet Pals magazines and walk around with Rinoa in the party so Angelo can learn it. Not all of Angelo's skills are Limit Breaks, however; some gave various trigger criteria to be met during battle to summon her randomly to aid Rinoa. Learning all of Angelo's Combine skills in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Dog Trainer.

Angel Wing

Angel Wing is Rinoa's second Limit Break obtained late in the story. While in the Angel Wing state Rinoa's damage output is boosted five times more powerful than usual, and puts her into a berserk spell-casting state in which she uses only magic without expending the spells from her stock. If she has no magic, she will use physical attacks.


Despite being the character with the least combat experience, of the main party Rinoa has some of the highest base stats at Level 100, surpassing all others in Strength, Magic and Spirit.

LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 217 1 0 8 3 20 16
10 610 10 5 15 8 22 17
20 1038 19 10 22 14 24 17
30 1458 27 14 29 19 25 18
40 1871 35 18 35 24 27 19
50 2275 42 21 41 28 28 19
60 2672 48 24 46 31 30 20
70 3061 54 26 51 34 32 20
80 3443 59 28 55 36 33 21
90 3816 64 30 59 38 35 22
100 4181 67 31 63 39 36 22


Template:See Also The below values are the base compatibility values at the start of the game. Of the six main playable characters, Rinoa has the highest base compatibility with 9 of the 16 Guardian Forces, making her an adept summoner.

GF Compatibility
Quezacotl 640
Shiva 650
Ifrit 620
Siren 630
Brothers 610
Diablos 620
Carbuncle 680
Leviathan 660
Pandemona 640
Cerberus 700
Alexander 620
Doomtrain 600
Bahamut 580
Cactuar 640
Tonberry 540
Eden 560


During the battle with Adel, Rinoa is junctioned to her, immobile, because Adel is absorbing her powers. If she dies, it is Game Over.

Triple Triad

Template:FFVIII Card


Optional scenes with Rinoa

In Timber, going to the town exit before heading to the TV station triggers a scene with Rinoa defending the town guards from G-Soldiers. After completing the events in Timber, if the player speaks to a man on a railway bridge, he will give her a Potion.

There are two variations of the scene in General Caraway's mansion. When Rinoa is going to call her father because he's taking too long, she will step outside and instantly return and reveal she is the general's daughter before rushing out again. If the player quickly talks to her before she approaches the door, Squall offers to go in her place.

If the player brings Rinoa to warn Balamb Garden of the missiles, the FMV where the party visits the second floor balcony is longer, and Squall can give Rinoa a tour of the Garden premises. During the concert in Fishermans Horizon, the dialogue between Squall and Rinoa depends on the instruments the player chose for the rest of the party. If the player brings Rinoa to liberate Balamb Town, there is a unique scene in Zell's room. Rinoa will also contribute a post to Selphie's blog, viewable from the Study Panel.

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