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Ready or not, here we come!

I can't fight alone, but together...!

Together, we can win!

Don't you dare take us lightly!

My future is my own!

I can be fearless, too.

Encounters: Story SpecificEdit

If I win this fight, maybe I can be a SeeD too! — Vs. Ifrit

They say experience is the best teacher! - Vs. Shiva

I don't wanna beat up an old man... - Vs. Ramuh

I wonder if Angelo is faster... - Vs. Odin

You should choose your allies more carefully - Vs. Leviathan

I've drawn you out of hiding! - Vs. Alexander

We've seen the light, and our victory! - Vs. Bahamut

You won't take my precious memories! - Vs. Shinryu


YES! I knew we could do it!

Time flies when you're having fun!

No one can beat us


Next time, I won't lose!


Time to turn up the heat, Ifrit! / Set the world ablaze, Ifrit. (Angel Wing) — Vs. Ifrit

Cool'em down, Shiva! / Freeze them to the core, Shiva. (Angel Wing) - Vs. Shiva

Shock'em with lightning, Ramuh! / Strike them with your bolts, Ramuh. (Angel Wing)  - Vs. Ramuh

Bring your blade down, Odin! / Show them true chaos, Odin. (Angel Wing - Vs. Odin

Turn the tides, Leviathan! / Wash them away with waves, Leviathan. (Angel Wing) - Vs. Leviathan

Let'em hear your judgment, Alexander! / Pass your holy judgment, Alexander. (Angel Wing) - Vs. Alexander

Let it all out, Bahamut! / Let your wrath be known, Bahamut. (Angel Wing  - Vs. Bahamut

Chat MessagesEdit


Pleased to meet you!

Until next time!

Thank you!

My bad!

You can count on me!

Sorry, no time for that!


Be ready in a sec!

I hate goodbyes, but I have to go.

One more!

I'm gonna try something different!

Show me what you can do!

That was amazing!

Nice work!

Don't mention it!


I'll smash the core to dust!

We gotta summon some help!

I'll take care of that one.

I'm on my way!

I could use some help, y'know!

I'm going all out!

I should go now...

Something's not right...

I need more time.

Ready to go!

Oh, no!

Uh, nevermind.

This is our last chance!

We can do this!

Keep it up!

Don't worry about it!

I will become a sorceress.

Feel my power!

Everyone, get together!

Split up!


Dance with me?

You're-going-to-like-me... You're-going-to-like-me...

We're serious. So hurts.

I couldn't...I just couldn't. I couldn't fight alone.


Stop trying to act so cool!

Give me a hug.

Don't! I'm a sorceress.

Let's go home!

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