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Rilochy Province (ライローキ州, Rairōki Shū?) is a region of the Kingdom of Concordia in Final Fantasy Type-0, located in the east of Orience. It becomes available in chapter 7.

Locations Edit

Rilochy Province is almost completely surrounded by water, except the narrow passage in the southeast, connecting it to Roshana Province and a small chain of mountains in the north, connecting it to the capital of the kingdom: Mahamayuri. Due to the eastern climate, rain is the everyday weather condition.

Rilochy Edit

The city of Rilochy lies at the foot of the mountain.

Shakara Edit

The city of Shakara lies at the western coastline of Rilochy Province.

Quests Edit

Missions Edit

During The Kingdom's Final Hours, Rilochy Province is a big field of battle with Shakara being a major domain and Rilochy the kingdom's HQ.

Tasks Edit

  • Boom or Bust: In Shakara, Ametsuchi asks for Class Zero's help with defeating the bombs, wandering Rilochy Province and hindering him to restock his items.
  • Plight of the Pilgrims: In Rilochy, Akari demands the cadets to eliminate flame flans disrupting their pilgrimage.

Chocobo Catching Edit

The cadets can capture Fleetfoot Chocobos from Rilochy Province. To capture a chocobo, the player must approach one and press the action button.

Items Edit


Argenia's Crystal Location

l'Cie Argenia's Crystal is found on a small peninsula near the town of Rilochy.

Enemies Edit

Enemies in this region are between levels 35-57. There are no battles in the beaches. Rilochy Province is a good area for harvesting phantoma because of the elemental monsters.

Plains Edit

The enemies are fought in the groups of their genus.

Forests Edit

The Marduk always appears with either two flan or two bombs.

  • LV99 Malboros can also be encountered as fixed encounters.
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