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Welcome to the town of Rilochy. We are closest in proximity to the royal capital and thus closest in holiness as well.

Kingdom Citizen

Rilochy (ライローキ, Rairōki?) is the main city of Rilochy Province in Final Fantasy Type-0 and located in the south of Mahamayuri, the capital of the Kingdom of Concordia.


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The region of Rilochy is where the Blue Dragon Crystal first bestowed its power to its followers leading to the advent of the Kingdom of Dracobaltia with its citizens gaining the ability to command monsters. The kingdom expanded its sphere of influence until it came to govern the eastern reaches of Orience and the territory of the modern day Kingdom of Concordia, which in time replaced the Kingdom of Dracobaltia after the Dracobaltians' heresy toward the Crystal.

In year 842, with all of Roshana Province under its control, the Dominion of Rubrum launches a campaign to conquer the Kingdom of Concordia that has allied with the Militesi Empire to lay waste to Rubrum. The plan is to invade Rilochy, crush any remaining dracoknights, then march directly on the royal capital. Realizing this would be its last stand, the royal army moved its units from the capital to Rilochy, but Rilochy falls and the dominion legions march on Mahamayuri. The kingdom deploys dragons to defend the capital, the kingdom forces are forced to accept defeat.

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Rilochy under siege.

During The Kingdom's Final Hours, Rilochy is the enemy's HQ and needs to be captured for the dominion to take control over Rilochy Province and be able to invade Mahamayuri.


Might I ask a favor of you, young phoenix? I left my village with several others on a pilgrimage, but ferocious beasts assaulted us on our peregrination, and only I arrived at Rilochy... I dread the thought that any other soul might suffer a similar fate on their pilgrimage. I implore you: please vanquish those terrible fiends!


Akari in Rilochy asks the Class Zero cadets to kill ten Flame Flan who are disrupting the pilgrimage of her people. Fulfilling the request earns a pair of Mythril Gloves.


The Crystal appreciates your generosity, but you must give more should you truly desire salvation.

Kingdom Citizen

The woman at the back of the village asks for an offering. The cadets can donate 10 or 100 gil. After donating the cadets must leave and re-enter the town to be able to donate again. Repeating the process until the cadets have given 1000 gil earns a l'Cie Daphnia's Crystal.


I sense a great energy from your phantoma, but there is someone protecting you... Should you lose your phantoma, though, not even she can bring you back from the other side.

Kingdom Citizen

The village phantomist near the town entrance buys and sells phantoma.

Item Price
Magenta Phantoma 2000 gil
Cyan Phantoma 2000 gil
Sepia Phantoma 2000 gil
Verdant Phantoma 2000 gil


The cadets must donate 1000 gil to the Azure Dragon Crystal to earn l'Cie Daphnia's Crystal