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Riko kupenreich (FFXI)

Riko Kupenreich is the Final Boss of the Final Fantasy XI: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses.

The player first meets Riko when Toto Kupeliaure begins to charge outrageous amounts of gil for the use of the Mog Houses for a loan. When hearing about Toto's involvement in the crisis, Riko says that he would take care of it for the player.

In reality, Riko and Toto were working together, planning to tear down the Mog Houses to create condos for the extremely wealthy. Riko eventually betrays Toto, who believed he would be an adviser in Riko's financial empire. Using Magicite he embedded into his belly to grow to a massive size, he and his Hench-Mogs battle the player.

Upon losing, the Magicite shatters and he returns to normal. He then proclaims that the Magicite was responsible for his actions, and promises to dedicate his life to charity work.


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