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Rikku is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Rikku originating from Final Fantasy X. Rikku is one of three character representatives of that game, the other two being Tidus and Yuna.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Tara Strong / Marika Matsumoto
Age in Grymoire: 15
Notes: Superhuman swimmer / Can hold her breath seemingly forever / Treasure hunter / Happy-go-lucky / Makes up funny words / Disasterrific (in the good way)
Marine Treasure Hunter
After learning how to breathe underwater (patent pending), Rikku realized her time was best spent scouring the sea for awesome trejjies. She boasts that she can hold her breath for up to an entire day. (Aha! So apparently it's not forever.)
Fashion Savvy
Although she's about the same age as she was in FINAL FANTASY X, her outfit resembles the one she had in FINAL FANTASY X-2.
In Grymoire, she still hasn't met Yuna or Tidus. But if she ever does, they're guaranteed to get along!
Gullwings Wanted!
Rikku is looking to make a career out of treasure hunting, and has started recruiting members for her team, which she's calling "the Gullwings."
Rikku bumped into Yuna on a recent excursion and immediately took a liking to her. Now, if she can just find a way to get Yuna to join up...
Trejjie-Wejjie, La La La La La!
Rikku and Bartz seemed to really hit it off, didn't they? Their combined optimism and contagious spirit of adventure must have created some sort of perpetual energy loop that charged their fun meters to the max. Even Ifrit couldn't help but get bowled over.
(Although, Bartz did seem a little more self-aware than Rikku. Maybe he was just playing along?)
First World of Origin:


Guest character[]

Rikku briefly tags along with Lann and Reynn as they make their way to the Babil Region, during Chapter 9, "The Low Seas". As with most Grymorian versions of main characters from the Final Fantasy series, Rikku does not participate in battles, only simply accompanying the twins on the field. She leaves the party once they reach The Rainbow Shore in the beginning of the next chapter.

Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on Intervention Quests that center around Rikku.

Rikku also appears in the following Intervention Quest.