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Right Arm, referred to as Helletic Hojo Right Arm in the BradyGames guide, is part of the Helletic Hojo boss fight. The arm itself does not attack, but Hojo uses it to attack himself. Once the arm is killed, Hojo can no longer attack with it.

Interestingly enough, the Right Arm is not immune to Berserk, but because it does not attack, this causes a glitch where the Right Arm continually tries to use an attack that costs an infinite amount of HP; as a result, the game will repeatedly print the message "Right Arm's skill power is used up".



# Formation
860 Helletic Hojo, Right Arm, Left Arm
861 Helletic Hojo, Right Arm, Left Arm
862 Helletic Hojo, Right Arm, Left Arm
863 Helletic Hojo, Right Arm, Left Arm


Sector 8
Cannon Control Panel 860 (event)

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

Turn off Death Handling for Right Arm
TempVar:HHGroup = Helletic Hojo, Right Arm and Left Arm with same
Formation ID as Right Arm

} AI: Counter - Death {

Remove Sleep/Poison/Haste/Slow/Death-sentence/Berserk Statuses from
Right Arm
If (Right Arm's IdleAnim == Both Arms Alive) Then
Choose Self
Use <> on Target
TempVar:HHGroup's IdleAnim = Right Arm Dead
} Else {
If ((Helletic Hojo doesn't have Death Status)
& (Left Arm has Death Status)) Then
Choose Self
Use <Appear> on Target
Choose Self
Use <Transform> on Target
Remove TempVar:HHGroup


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