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Rid Dek

Rid Dek

Rid Dek is a mercenary in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. To obtain him, have at least 100 hours of play time, then talk to him near the Adventurer's Guild.

Rid Dek claims to be a strong and well-respected mercenary, and refuses to join the player until they've proven to be hardened explorers. Once his requirement of 100 playtime hours are achieved, he will join you, but as it turns out, he is only level 1, and his claims to be an expert mercenary were nothing but lies.


Race Gender Level Weapon Head Armor Body Armor Accessory
Lilty Male 1 TWINKLING MACE! Pot Steel Corslet Power Ring


Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
Initial 28 20 33 57 4 8
99 588 344 244 645 102 302

Elemental ATK/DEFEdit

Stat Fire Ice Thunder Stun Spacetime Dark
Attack 5 8 8 85 10 3
Defense 4 6 6 35 6 4
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