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Ricon is a non-player character in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He serves as one of the pilots in the weapons project, and is a soldier in the VIIth Imperial Legion.


Early life[]

Ricon as a child.

Ricon was orphaned at a young age and became fostered by Gaius van Baelsar and raised alongside others in an Imperial orphanage. Over time He became close to Allie, Rex, Alfonse, and Milisandia, all sharing how they met Gaius and wanted to thank him by joining the Garlean military to follow in his footsteps and have citizens look up to them as they do him.

Ricon and his foster siblings were sent to fight in Eorzea, but before doing so they traveled to Terncliff to say goodbye to Avilina and hoped to see Gaius before leaving. Livia sas Junius forbade them from doing so, and in his stead Rhitahtyn sas Arvina went out to meet them.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

As Gaius and the Warrior of Light are en route to Terncliff, Rex plans on piloting the unfinished Sapphire Weapon, with the intent on holding them off to buy the others enough time to escape. Ricon still in the installation makes himself known, and Rex angrily asks why he is still there, to which he replies by saying he will pilot the Sapphire Weapon while Rex can assist in relocating the other weapons. The two note that the weapon can only make basic maneuvers and Ricon says he's the least qualified pilot stating that Alfonse needs Rex more than him. Rex begrudgingly agrees saying he hopes to see him on the other side, before hurrying off to evacuate.

Once the Warrior of Light reaches Terncliff, Ricon greets them within the sapphire weapon and immediately uses oversoul combining his soul with the weapon and ending his life.



Ricon is a small raen Au Ra with green spiky hair and blue eyes. He wears a late Allagan armor of scouting dyed red when piloting the Weapons. When not piloting, he wears a late Allagan coat of casting, also dyed a red color.


Ricon is not the best pilot compared to his foster siblings, but knows that he is useful to some degree, willing to sacrifice his life when the weapon he pilots is unfinished and unable to contest with the Warrior of Light.


Ricon piloting the Sapphire Weapon.

Ricon appears in the solo instance Sleep Now in Sapphire Sleep Now in Sapphire piloting the Sapphire Weapon as a boss.