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The Ribbon in Final Fantasy VII.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this will protect you from almost everything else.

The Ribbon (リボン, Ribon?) is a recurring accessory and armor piece in the Final Fantasy series, although sometimes it appears as an attribute to equipment, and has also appeared as a support ability. Regularly, the Ribbon prevents the user from being afflicted by status ailments. It will not, however, always protect from boss attacks in certain cases. Some games also have an upgraded version, called the Super Ribbon.


Final Fantasy[]

Ribbon that wards off special attacks.


The Ribbon is a headgear that provides 1 Defense, -1 Evasion, 1 Weight, and resists all elemental damage and most Instant Death attacks. It can be found in Waterfall Cavern, Sunken Shrine, Flying Fortress and Hellfire Chasm (Last Floor).

Final Fantasy II[]

A ribbon affording protection against all manner of special attacks.


The Ribbon is a helmet that provides a boost of 10 for the Defense stat. It can be dropped by Lamia Queen and Death Rider, and found in a treasure chest in Pandaemonium, guarded by Astaroth.

In the Dawn of Souls version and later, the player can also obtain several Ribbons in the Soul of Rebirth bonus mode, by defeating the Lamia Matriarch or Orukat in the final dungeon, the Unknown Palace.

Final Fantasy III[]

The Ribbon is a helmet any job class can equip. While it only offers mediocre Defense, it prevents many status ailments and provides resistance to all elements except lightning and drain.

There are a total of five Ribbons. One can be found in the forbidden land of Eureka, guarded by a Ninja, while the rest are found in World of Darkness (each guarded by a Xande's Clone). Nite Xandes Clone is susceptible to White Wind for an easy victory.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Ribbon that prevents various status ailments.


Ribbons are universal headgear found in the Lunar Subterrane guarded by Lunasaur (2D and 3D) and Lunar Ruins, and dropped by Bog Witch (2D and 3D) and Dark Sage (2D and 3D), as well as Malboro Menace exclusive to the Advance and Complete Collection versions.

Ribbon protects against Poison, Blind, Silence, Pig, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Instant Death, Gradual Petrify, and Curse. The WSC/GBA/PSP version, additional resistance includes Confuse, Sleep, and Berserk. It provides 9 Defense, 12 Magic Defense, 12 Evasion (2 all other versions) and 12 Magic Evasion.

In the Easy Type version, Ribbon has the same stats and status protection as the original, but also offers Fire, Ice, and Lightning-elemental protection, along with the ability to absorb any elements the wearer is protected against

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Ribbon can be equipped by every character. It is found in the Lower Section of the Tower of Babil. It has a Defense of 9, Magic Defense of 12, Evasion of 2, and Magic Evasion of 12. It grants protection to most statuses with exception of Doom, Sap, Berserk, Slow, Paralyze, and HP Critical.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Ribbon provides 9 Defense, 12 Magic Defense, 12 Evasion, 12 Magic Evasion, is strong against Mage attacks, and resists all statuses. It can be found during the Gathering Tale, and the True Moon.

Final Fantasy V[]

Ribbon that prevents most status ailments.


Ribbon is a headgear for Dancers and Freelancers. Other jobs can wear it with the Equip Ribbon ability. It protects against Instant Death, Petrify, Toad, Poison, Darkness, Old, Berserk, and Silence. It grants +12 Defense, +2 Magic Defense and Weight, and +5 Strength, Speed, Magic, and Stamina.

It can be found at Karnak Castle (monster-in-a-box: Sorcerer x2 / Gigas), the Interdimensional Rift (forest section), Regole, Pyramid of Moore, and the Sealed Temple, in Shinryu's Lair, in the Advance, mobile and Steam remakes, and stolen from Lemure (rare).

In the merged world, the girl in the weapon and armor store of Regole gives a Ribbon to the party if they reach her through a secret passage.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Silk ribbon enchanted with powerful protective magic. Prevents all status ailments.


Ribbon is a relic that prevents Darkness, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, and Sleep. It can be stolen from Ultima Weapon (rare), Guardian and Brachiosaur, morphed from Misty, Cherry, Pandora, Coco, and Level 80 Magic, and found at South Figaro, the Moogle Cave in the World of Ruin in Narshe Mines (South Passage), Phoenix Cave, and Kefka's Tower. If a character afflicted with status ailments equips a Ribbon, they are restored to normal.

Kefka equips a Ribbon during the battles in the Imperial Camp, Cave to the Sealed Gate, and against a red palette swap of Ifrit in Thamasa.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Ribbon is an accessory that prevents all status ailments except Slow, Stop, and Instant Death, i.e. everything that Esuna can cure. It can be found in the Temple of the Ancients and Gaea's Cliff, morphed from Ho-chu or Master Tonberry, and as a prize by winning ten Special Battles at Battle Square.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Ribbon from FFVIIR INTERmission.png

Ribbon is an accessory in "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade that protects against all status ailments and makes the wearer harder to interrupt when spellcasting. It is found in B14 - Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance in the Shinra Building during "Covert Ops".

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Ribbon is an accessory that protects from all statuses except Instant Death. It is a reward for completing mission 5-4-6, stolen from the Gaea Malboro, and obtained through the level 5 version of Item Mugger.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The Ribbon support ability can be taught to any Guardian Force with the Ribbon item obtained via Chocobo World. No Guardian Force naturally learns Ribbon, and it cannot be obtained through any other means, making it an ability most international players never get. When equipped, it protects the wearer against all negative status effects, including Death and Vit 0, though it will not stop Eject attacks.

In Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Angelo Search yields all the items previously exclusive to Chocobo World, including the Ribbon.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Item that always keeps Mog beside you

FFIX Adornment 14 Icon HD.png

Ribbon does not prevent status effects since the player can learn support abilities to immunize against ailments. Instead, Ribbon is an add-on gained from Mog that allows Eiko to learn to summon Madeen. It also teaches her the Guardian Mog support ability that removes all negative statuses from Eiko (except KO) at the end of a battle.

In place of the usual status prevention, Ribbons halve damage from Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Holy and absorbs Water and Wind. It is obtained during the events at Mount Gulug, found during the Chocobo sidequest in Chocograph #24, given by Stiltzkin after buying everything from him on his journey, and bought in the Treno Auction House (endgame).

Eiko has the Ribbon in her Bring Arts figure. Eiko and Quina Bring Arts from FFIX

Tetra Master[]

Tetra Master
Location: Prize in Hippaul's racing minigame (reach level 50)
Black Mage No. 56 (disc 4; Black Mage Village cemetery)
Memoria (Defense Phantom in Recollection room, Strong Phantom in Lost Memory room, Rare Phantom in Time Warp room)

Final Fantasy X[]

In the PAL, International, and HD Remaster versions, Ribbon can be customized to any armor via x99 Dark Matter to make the wearer immune to Zombie, Petrification, Poison, Confuse, Berserk, Sleep, Silence, Slow, Darkness, and Doom. It does not provide protection against Instant Death, Curse, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Eject, or Delay.

The Dark Aeons sometimes drop armor with Ribbon already on it. Ribbon is the most dominant ability and second-most dominant ability combination, and therefore most armor with Ribbon equipped are named as such. The only exception is that when both the Break HP Limit and Break MP Limit abilities appear customized onto the same armor piece.

When a piece of armor is customized with Ribbon as the dominant ability it becomes Sanctuary for Tidus; Holy Ring for Yuna; Solidity for Auron; Shutout for Wakka; Acropolis for Kimahri; Eternity for Lulu; Impervious for Rikku.

The armor with four status proof abilities becomes Black Ribbon for Lulu; Paladin Shield for Tidus; Forbidding Ring for Yuna; Undefeated for Auron; Keeper for Wakka; Ronso Armlet for Kimahri; Argonaut for Rikku. It is inferior to an item equipped with Ribbon as it only prevents four of the nine statuses Ribbon can protect against, and takes up four slots, where a Ribbon ability would only take up one.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Ribbon is an accessory and also an auto-ability for the Mascot and each special dressphere, and the ability gained by passing through all colored gates on the Abominable Garment Grid in the International and HD Remaster versions. The accessory can be found in the Bevelle Underground, in the area with the six towers. Activating the correct three (blue) will let the player proceed with the story, but activating and manipulating all the six towers to form a spiral path lets the player access the Ribbon. In the HD Remaster, opening this chest awards the Treasure Hunter trophy/achievement.

The accessory drops from Angra Mainyu, and it can be bribed from Flailing Ochu (Oversoul; rare), Ultima Weapon (normal and Oversoul), and Omega Weapon (normal and Oversoul).

It can also be obtained from the tower re-calibration minigame on the Thunder Plains, thus allowing for three Ribbons in a single playthrough, without the use of Bribe.

Final Fantasy XI[]

There are several ribbons of various colors. The low-level and mid-level Ribbons will give little Defense against every element, but the defended damage is easy to overlook. The Flawless Ribbon, which is difficult to get, will also give a decent amount of elemental-defense and the ability "Resist Status Ailments". Some Ribbons, such as the Noble's Ribbon, also provide a Charisma bonus, making them popular among Bards.

Final Fantasy XII[]

XII ribbon.png

In the original version, Ribbons shield against all status ailments except Instant Death, X-Zone, and Stone. It will also prevent Lure but not Berserk. The license to equip Ribbons is at the end of the board's accessory section and costs 150 LP. It can drop from the Lv.99 Red Chocobo or Vishno, and is found in treasure chests at Cerobi Steppe, Subterra, and Henne Mines, but is rare to acquire.

The easiest place to obtain a Ribbon is from Cerobi Steppe while equipping the Diamond Armlet. Starting at the Cerobi Steppe save crystal, the player can head north and search for the treasure chest next to a large rock toward the right. The chest has a 50% chance to spawn, and a small chance to contain a Ribbon. The player can obtain more than one Ribbon by repeatedly opening the chest.

In the Zodiac versions, Ribbon protects against statuses like before, but also provides 1 Defense and 1 Magick Resist as well as Libra and Regen, allowing the player to see traps on the field and enemies' stats, and gradually gain HP. It is found in the Henne Mines (Special Charter Shaft) and at the Subterra (Abyssal - North). It still drops from the Lv.99 Red Chocobo (100%) and Vishno (1%), and is also obtainable from the Hunt Club sidequest, stolen from Hashmal (rare) in Stage 49, Lv.99 Red Chocobo (rare) in Stage 93 of the Trial Mode, and from Omega Mark XII (uncommon) in Stage 99, and is found in a treasure with the Diamond Armlet equipped in Stage 100.

The player can farm Ribbons in Trial Mode by stealing from Hashmal.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Dainty ribbon once adored by a revered saint.


Ribbon is an accessory for Ashe that gives the support ability which grants immunity to all statuses to the team. It is acquired for beating the Mission 79: Wings of Midnight.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Ribbon is an accessory that increases resistance to all status ailments by a set amount depending on its level, starting at 20%. It can be obtained by digging up twenty treasures with a chocobo on the Archylte Steppe, dropped from Flowering Cactuars (rare) in the Faultwarrens and Vercingetorix (rare), or by upgrading Entite Rings into Goddess's Favors (via the Sanctum Labs retail network), and when fully upgraded, they can be dismantled into Ribbons.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Ribbons can be obtained from various sources and have the passive ability "Resilience +40%", which increases resistance from all status ailments by 40%. They cost 100 points to equip, and so can only be equipped once all accessory Crystarium bonuses have been obtained. It can be bought at the Exchange desk in Serendipity for 10,000 coins and dropped from Long Gui (common - 10% chance) and Navidon (rare - 2% chance).

A Delicate Ribbon can also be purchased from Chocolina's shop post-story in the Archylte Steppe -???- AF for 10,000 gil, a Ribbon, and Tear of Woe.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Ribbon is the upgraded form of the Satin Scrunchie+, a head accessory with the passive ability "Status Ailments Resistance +75%". It is obtained by finding a third Satin Scrunchie in a New Game+ playthrough.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Ribbon is Head Head armor that can be used by all classes. It can be traded for in Old Gridania for 2 Achievement Certificates. Characters can obtain Achievement Certificates for every 50 Achievement Points earned. Being level 1 with no attributes, it is suitable only for glamours.



All Classes Lv. 1
Item Level 1
Defense: 6 Magic Defense: 11
Weaver Weaver
Dyeable: Yes Unique

Final Fantasy XV[]

Though the item description says it protects from "almost all status ailments", Ribbon protects against all debuffs, including the ones that lower the player's stats and Instant Death.

NameEffectsValueObtainEquippable by
RibbonPrevents 'almost all' status ailments, including Instant Death, stat debuffs, and periodic elemental damage. Doesn't prevent Ignis's Quick Recipeh debuffs or Danger and Down.Buy: —
Sell: 5000
Reward: The Frogs of Legend (Sania) sidequest, Dead General Strikes Down the King (Lestallum, Thoroughfare) hunt
Trade: 40 Oracle Ascension Coins to Alessio in Altissia
A surprisingly cute and charming red ribbon. Protects the wearer from almost all status ailments.

Two Ribbons are available as quest rewards in one playthrough; the player must trade Oracle Ascension Coins to Alessio in Altissia, or start a New Game+, to acquire more.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

A ribbon that protects against status effects.


The Ribbon can only be worn by female characters and Cloud. In War of the Lions, the Onion Knight job class can also equip Ribbons. Ribbon provides a minimal boost to HP and protects the wearer from all status ailments.

The three hairpins—Barette, Cachusha, and Ribbon—are the only armor that the Dragonkin class can equip, aside from the PSP multiplayer-only Minerva Bustier. Ribbons can be poached from Wild Boars and obtained via Melee and Rendezvous.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

This women's ribbon wards off all ailments.


The Ribbon is a helm worn by viera and Ritz. Ribbon nullifies all status ailments, as opposed to other accessories which block half of a list each.

The Ribbon can be obtained by leveling up Craft to level 50, stolen from Ritz and Shara in Mission #023: Over The Hill, or Elementalist in Mission #021: Materite Now!, and as a reward for a "Town-Town-Town-Town" Treasure Hunt. Alternatively, Shara comes equipped with a Ribbon after recruiting her. In addition, the Ribbon provides +2 Defense and +5 Resistance.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

The Ribbon is a hair accessory. The gria, viera, Adelle, Frimelda Lotice, The Night Dancer, and Penelo can wear it normally; others can wear it by using the Ribbon-bearer support ability available to Seers, Tricksters, and Tinkers, making the nu mou and seeq the only races that cannot equip one.

One series of quests involves tracking down the makers of counterfeit Ribbons, and helping the Galima Pepe company harvest the materials needed for making the real thing. It is revealed that Ribbons are made (or taken) from a unique class of sweet-smelling Malboro called Cassies.

While any other accessory or piece of armor can be stolen, Ribbons are exempt. It protects from all debuffs, while adding 2 to the Defense stat, and 5 to Resistance stat. It can be obtained through the Memories quest, by presenting Old Man Boiboi with seven Wayfarers Logs, by filling up the first Place gauge in the auction, and the "Help Wanted!" quest by donating a total of 80,000 gil. It can also be obtained from an urn on the "Sleight of Hand" quest, located on the far left corner of the map. A jump of 4 is needed to reach the place, a mounted Chocobo Knight can get there, but will need to dismount to take the treasure.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The Ribbon is an accessory that prevents all status ailments. It is obtained from the Class First Moogle after 30 hours of playtime.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Ribbon is a magic raising artifact that increases Magic by 9. It drops from a Lich in Rebena Te Ra.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

The Ribbon is an accessory that makes the bearer immune to all status effects. There are exactly four Ribbons, three in the final dungeon and its surrounds. It is possible to give the Ribbon to Borgin, but like all temporary party members he will not be able to remove it, and so the player should only do so if they are dedicated to a monster transformation for one or more party members (as they cannot use equipment at all).

The ability called All grants immunity to all status ailments and can be used by Set, Anubis, WaterHag, Dogra, Ashura, Chaos, Guha, Jorgandr, Ballor, Sol, and Xagor.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The Ribbon is an accessory that blocks all status afflictions. It may be sold for 2000G. It can be found on floor B2 of the Star Chamber and stolen from the Ogre Bear in the Animal Burrow after freeing Lilibelle from the spider's web.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The Ribbon is an accessory that blocks all status afflictions. It can be found in a treasure chest in the World of Void.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

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Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

The Ribbon is a level 78 piece of head armor that lowers HP by 255 but raises Bravery by 303. It also lowers the chance of breakable items breaking by 20%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading a Cat Ear Hood, Wyvern Wing x3 and Transmogridust x16.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Ribbon is a level 60 ribbon that provides -268 HP, +301 Bravery, and -20% Accessory Breakability. It can be obtained by trading 56,900 gil, Cat-Ear Hood, Pink Tail x20, and Summoner's Desire x10.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Equipping a ribbon increases the chance of getting rare items. It can be obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Ribbon is an item that can be used at the beginning of the Music Stage. It makes the player somewhat more likely to receive rare items and has full strength. It can be obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A mysterious ribbon that is said to be a relic from the gods. Although its name suggests that it is an accessory exclusive to women, the amazing power it holds within can actually protect anyone who owns it from terrible disasters. The satin or silk-like material it is made from is said to prevent the ribbon from ever becoming damaged or dirtied. However, since only a handful of people have ever known to actually possess this accessory, the truth behind this claim remains uncertain.


The Ribbon is an 8★ accessory that provides a small boost to DEF and SPR, but its true purpose is to immunize the user against most status effects (Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Disease, and Petrify). It can obtained as a Trust Master Reward from the unit Kefka.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2[]

The Ribbon Saddle is armor that protects against all negative status effects.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ribbon TCG.png

Ribbon appears as a card using Final Fantasy VII artwork.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts series[]

KH ribbon.png

The Ribbon appears in Kingdom Hearts where it provides 20% to elemental resistance and adds 3 to defense. It is only obtainable by synthesizing.

Ribbons can also be synthesized in Kingdom Hearts II. They provide 20% to elemental resistance and add 4 to defense. In the Final Mix version, they can be upgraded into a more powerful version called Grand Ribbon which increases elemental resistance by 25%. There is also a slightly weaker version called the Petite Ribbon which increases elemental resistances by 10%.

Bravely series[]

A mysterious ribbon said to have originated in the Age of Myths.

Bravely Default description

In Bravely Default, Ribbon is a hat that provides 11 P.DEF, 3 M.DEF, and grants to wearer immunity to Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Paralyze, Dread, Confuse, Charm, and Death. It can be found in the Dark Aurora (4F).

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Ribbon is a hat that provides 11 P.DEF, 3 M. DEF, and nullifies most status ailments except for Berserk. It can be found in Dimension's Keep.